Overwhelmed with Organizing? Start here!

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Overwhelmed with Organizing? Start here!

It can be so overwhelming when you're starting to declutter your home! It looks like there is just so much to do and no time to really take care of it. Plus, if you have little ones, that makes it that much harder!

So here are a few steps to help you get started.

1. Pick 3 things that MUST be done every day. Three things that make you feel better about your home. These 3 things will be individual to you and your lifestyle, so don't feel like you have to use someone else's ideas. On the rough days (sick kids, lots of errands to run, not home, etc.) try to get just these three things done. For me it is making sure the bathroom counter is clear at the end of the night, making sure the toys in the living room are put away, and getting my coffee stuff ready for the next day.

2. Think of three cleaning or organization projects that will be a relief for you when they are done. Which one will provide the biggest relief? That should be your first big project.

3. Is a whole room too intimidating? It is for me sometimes! Make a list of smaller projects that you can complete that will take no longer than 20 minutes. Pick one of those to do each day and when you've completed it, that's enough organizing for the day, no matter how much more there is to do! I often break our master bedroom into smaller projects because that is the room that overwhelms me.

My list might look like this:

Clean off the dresser tops
Clear the nightstands
Pick up anything on the floor (We collect an amazing amount of kid toys under our bed)
Work for 20 minutes in the closet

Then after 4 days our bedroom looks a million times better, but it's easier to do in a few 20 minute stretches rather than one longer session.