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Thread: Try this- New and Fav. Recipies!

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    I just made this and haven't given it to the baby but I couldn't stop licking the bowl.... I made this recipe up, so feel free to adapt if you have fresh ingredients or want different proportions

    Pear, Mango and Blueberry

    3 pears peeled, cored and chopped
    16oz frozen mango chunks
    5oz frzen blueberries

    Rinse blueberries and put everything in a saucepan. Cover and cook over medium heat about 15 mins until pears are soft. Puree and enjoy! Makes 48 cubes; suitable for freezing.

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    Pasta with tomato sauce.

    I sauteed some onion, added fresh tomato chunks with the seeds. Added a few shakes of an Italian spice mix and some garlic powder and a bay leaf and just let it simmer.

    Pureed the sauce, Added it to some elbow noodles, chopped it up a bit with a hand chopper.
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    One of my son's favorites was Chicken and Rice with Carrots. He LOVED it! I never added salt either. The carrots made it sweet so there was enough flavor, and it wasn't too bland. I always tasted everything I gave him (out of curiosity or pity depending on the situation lol), but I was always pleasantly surprised with the results.

    I just pureed leftover baked or boiled chicken, as long as it doesn't have a ton of salt in it. And added some carrots that were cooked soft, steamed or boiled. I added a cup of rice on top of it and it came out with a very thick consistency, so you might have to add some water to loosen it up to a mush.

    It was one of his absolute favs and it's so uncomplicated.
    I would read the labels of the baby food at the store and make the same combos at home, sometimes with a twist.

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    We are just starting to combine more so here are a few combinations:

    cauliflower, tomato and cheddar cheese-

    steam cauliflower, add some diced no salt tomatoes (canned) or a seeded fresh tomato, and some cheddar cheese. Blend to desired consistency.

    apple and blueberries-

    steam peeled and chopped apple. Combine with frozen blueberries. Blend.

    Mixed vegetable-

    steam frozen mixed vegetables and blend.

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    Here are a few of our favorites so far. DS is 7 mo. with no teeth, so we have to pretty much make everything pureed. He can't get enough!

    Everything has been cooked in the oven or steamed

    Apples and blueberries
    Pears and blueberries
    Pears and Plums
    Peaches and blueberries
    Apple Pear and Blueberries
    Sweet Potato and Carrots
    Green beans and Carrots
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    Such great recipes! I can't wait to try these!
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