Auditory Learner: Does the Noise Drive You Bonkers?

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Auditory Learner: Does the Noise Drive You Bonkers?

"Making up about 30% of the population, auditory learners absorb information best through the sense of hearing."

Doesn't that sound innocuous?
meaning: 1. Having no adverse effect; harmless. 2. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.

I firmly believe whoever made that first statement has NEVER lived with an auditory learner! A list of common characteristics of this child always includes can't be quiet for very long. My very auditory learn never stopped talking from the time he began speaking partial sentences until he hit his teens. He even talked in his sleep.

He learned best by repeating your words. Understood the written word by reading it out loud. Understood spoken instructions (yes, you can infer that written instruction might as well have been gibberish). Sang, hum and talked to himself. Drove his siblings nuts with the disruption.

So moms, how do you maintain your sanity and encourage the other kids to accept and encourage ms or mr jabbers-a-lot?

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LOL! I think I have an auditory learner! My DS never stops talking except when he's asleep. So far he drives me crazy sometimes, mainly when I'm driving in the car because it's distracting. DD seems to take him in stride, in fact I think she's learning a ton more words because DS never stops talking. It's really funny she she repeats him! Smile

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I have never heard of this before, but I think I might qualify? I don't know. If I am reading something complicated I have to read it out loud to concentrate. I have no idea how to deal with this with more than one child though! Good Luck!!!

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I've always done better when I could read out loud or have the instructions read to me. I failed my drivers permit test (multiple choice) 3 different times and then they finally allowed me to take it in a quiet room with an audio cassette reading the questions to me. Then I passed with a 95%.

My oldest is very much like me, so I anticipate having to do this with him quite a bit. Part of why we have taken him out of the conventional classroom. But outside noises distract him as well, making it impossible to get the instructions on the first read through. So keeping his little brother and sister away from him might be an issue. We shall see.