How old is your oldest home schooler?

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How old is your oldest home schooler?

Wondering how long people hope to home school their children. How old is your oldest so far? Does it seem to get easier for everyone or harder as they age? (I'm sure this depends on the child and the family...)

Here is one blog entry from the Mom of a new highschool level student:

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My child is 3rd grade and I am trying to instill in him the ability to work independently. He has so much that he needs me to do the lessons with him to make sure he's getting it. I know that as we get older, he'll be able to work and absorb on his own.

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10, not sure it is easier, as I still push them to achieve just as hard :). They are reading though and that was my main feat as one was dyslexic.

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My oldest is 7 and in second grade.