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Kids Books

Looking for ways to find children's books for cheaper. I check out yard sales, library book sales, consignment shops and sales at bookstores, but where do you buy non-curriculum books for your children?

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Scholastic (sometimes there are great deals on there). And we've had a lot given to us. For instance my SIL gave us a big box of younger books because her boys (upper school age) don't want to read them anymore. My mom's coworker gave us books too because she had kept all of her grandkid's books but they're all in high school now and not needed. However the really good classic books we've had to buy since people aren't as willing to give them up for free. Wink

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Scholastic is cheap, there is a warehouse store not too far from me.

Goodwill, yardsales...

I'm a huge fan of the public library too.

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We have a really good used book store near me that I get a lot of the girls books at. Ebay or Amazon work also.