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Newbie intro

Hi everyone! I'm Kaci and I am a new homeschooler. I've been a member for a while now, but just haven't been very active the past year or so. BUT as far as homeschooling goes, I think the more support and encouragement I can give/get, the better!

So a little about me:
We live in Orange County CA, I am a Christian SAHM, and we have three little boys, Jacob (6), Josiah (almost 4), and Owen (2). So far it's been so awesome. We are doing My Father's World Kindergarten Curriculum which is so perfect for us right now, but I already know that I will be piecing together things for the next school year, unless I find some package that suits our needs.

I just started blogging this year and I actually wrote about our experience so far in my last blog, so check that out too if you like!

The Homeschool Room ? a dollop of mayo

I look forward to getting to know you ladies, if you have time PLEASE share with me! Thanks.

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Welcome! I would love to get this board hopping.

I am Bonita. Momma to 3 little girls. Alyssa (7), Brianna (5), and Caitlyn (3). I use mostly Abeka with other things added in.

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I'm Mel, mommy to Ethan (3.5) and Olivia (2). I'm not using any formal home school program, just tons of online resources for preschool teaching and activities.

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And I am a grandmother to 3 little sweethearts. When I visit, I love to do projects with them! I'll be with them for 2 weeks starting Thursday morning when they wake up...probably a few minutes earlier than I'd like! There's also a 13 year old step-grandson there for part of the time. I'll have to wait and see how much he wants to do stuff together at this stage.
Like Mel, I made use of loads of free stuff on line when I put together lesson plans for teaching in Haiti last year.

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I'm Janelle. Lo's: Jacob, aged 8 (my home schooler, with ADHD and ODD). Daniel, 4 (part time at preschool in special Ed for possible Aspergers), and Evie, 17 months (on the 29th).

We use Connections Academy's public charter school.

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Nice to meet everyone!