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I think you read my mind! I homeschooled our daughter this year for the first time, she is in first grade... things went okay, but I really felt like I didn't do a good enough job, or just wasn't as into it as other moms in my homeschool group. I was pg for most of the yr and not a HUGE fan of our curriculum... but my biggest struggle next year is my son. He will start kgarten and is VERY hyper, loud and doesn't really follow my directions well but listens to his preschool teachers just fine. So I can't help but wonder if I'm not the best teacher for him. I'm so sick and torn over what to do next year. Sorry don't want to hijack your post..
Does your son know how to read yet? My first attempt at homeschooling my son was in kindergarten. But he didn't know how to read yet. So, that was a big focus of our "studies" I had enrolled him with Connections Academy back then, too. He struggled with learning how to read and I had difficult doing the other studies with him because he had a baby brother that was started to get mobile (crawling). I ended up putting him in a public classroom for half the day, so that he could learn to read.

Looking back, I'm also not a big fan of getting messy and that probably was a bigger reason why we put him in a public classroom.. and kindergarten is a wonderful time in a child's life where exploring textures and getting messy is an important part of learning about the world around them.

This year, reading was the one advantage I felt I had over homeschooling this time around. At least he could read things. Sadly, he was just evaluated an unofficially diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and has a hard time with critical thinking based on something he just read. Ex: Reading Green Eggs and Ham (random pick for the example) and being asked to describe the "character" of Sam. A correct answer would be "pushy", but my son would have answered something along the lines of what the picture drawn of Sam looks like, and nothing about the personality of Sam.

Anyway... I forgot where I was going with this. Need more coffee.

You can't, for certain, know if you are not compatible team without first attempting it.

I would suggest trying it out over the summer, and if it doesn't seem to work out for you, there's always continuing his education in a physical classroom with peers.

AFM... I'm hoping that by middle school, Jacob will be a better independent learner than his is now. I have found out that there is a local home school program through the county school district that actually has required classroom time with peers throughout the week and it's a drop them off and leave time. I think that may be the route for us in the future. Sadly, I need to get my daughter into a more communicative and responsive stage (where she understands and follows directions) first. She's only 19 months right now, but she's been throwing temper tantrums since she was 6 months old and she gets into EVERYTHING! I can only expect the next 6-12 months is going to be exciting with her!