planning your day...

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planning your day...

I homeschool 4 of my 5 children. I am wondering about lesson planning. the curriculum we have has a plan book and I decided to try to use it as a guide. when and how often do you do planning?

I have been homeschooling for around 2.5 tradtionally and 1.5 virtual charter school.
TIA for any help

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I'm a Nana and former teacher but don't homeschool anyone. I am big on planning though. I am also very willing to be spontaneous and do something that seems appropriate and helpful even if it is not on the scheduled plan. When I visit my grandchildren, I like to guess what things might be particularly fun for them and plan a couple of activities to work on together over a week or so. I try for both indoor and outdoor activities each day.

Last time I was there I brought a puzzle with various kinds of locks to learn how to unfasten. That was fun for the 2 year old. He enjoys lots of puzzles and a wooden train as well. He also enjoyed trips to the park and blowing dandelions.

Leo with a puzzle

For the three year old I'd planned games involving counting and naming shapes. For outdoor fun, we learned basic hopscotch! She also wanted to identify various trees in the neighborhood. (spruce, aspen and mountain ash mainly)

Ivy learned to count out apples to place on numbers 1-10

Both children love books and reading - alone and together as well. I love love love choosing books for them to the point where DD wishes I'd stop! But sitting down with books, projects and workbooks at fairly regular times is a big help toward good study habits...and it is loads of fun! Things like sorting laundry, folding drying and putting it in drawers, making lunch, matching shoes, etc- are fine learning activities too.

I know people who plan their work for a full year at a time. Others who do it twice (August and December). I'm sure there are many ways to go about it and re-evaluate what works best for each child - and you! Some parents combine formal schooling with some home schooling as well.

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I do lesson plans during the summer for the whole year. It is not a strict lesson plan, but an overall picture. Then each night before bed I look at the next days lessons and fine tune them.

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I'm doing some homeschooling for preschool with my 3 year old. I plan about a month at a time. I just started this summer and I'm still learning what works for us, plus picking up basic materials (pom poms, feathers and that type of stuff for art/learning activities) so I haven't been able to plan more than that at a time.

whatever works for you!