Start and End Dates.

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Start and End Dates.

I am curious what are all of your start and end dates? This past year I started August 1 and ended Mid May. This year I am planning to start a few weeks later and end at the end of May.

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I think Connection Academy is Late August- Late May.

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We school year around, but take vacations when convenient.

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We start day after labor day and end the end of May

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We school all year, but more lenient in the summer when weather is nice.

Our public school option is Sep 5 - June 16.

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I just finished my calendar for the year and have decided this year that we will start August 27 and end May 24 with 6 weeks off throughout the year. Plus we are going to try only schooling 4 days per week and use 1 day per week as a field trip/fun day.

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Getting close! We are starting Monday.

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We school year round also, we skipped a summer one year and they just forgot too much. During the summer we don't do as many days and take it a bit easier, since we like to get outside A LOT! We also go camping most of September.