Implanted passwords

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Implanted passwords

Can you envision a day when you would willingly accept an implanted password?

Here are two articles:

PayPal Wants You to Inject Your Username and Eat Your Password


PayPal wants to implant passwords in your stomach and your brain

The titles are a bit misleading as there is no indication PayPal has plans to use the technology now but they *are* working on developing biometric verification technologies such as an ingestible pill (with battery powered by stomach acid) or silicon chips implanted in your brain which could identify you by heartbeat or vein recognition.

When having a discussion with some of my older ones, I had to laugh as I'm sure my "Oh heck no!" would be the equivalent of how my grandparents or even parents reacted to inventions of their day.

Still... who's with me in the 'no way, no how!" club? LOL

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No way, no how!

No way, no how!

Plus, aren't you supposed to change your password every now & again? How to do that with an implant without opening up to hackers? Which the implanted technology is supposed to prevent hackers. No thanks.

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Oh geeeeeez.......sounds like

Oh geeeeeez.......sounds like the PayPal peeps have viewed The Minority Report movie one too many times on their days off. sigh

I think "no way, no how" is waaay too mild a response. LOL  Personally, HELLLLLLLLLL NOOOOO!! would be more accurate. But am I surprised that this possibility is being floated? Hell no to that too since, like Dorothy, we all know we're not  in  Kansas anymore.  


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No, I would not like this.

No, I would not like this.