2 week check up

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2 week check up

So Ben passed his birth weight and gain about 1 lb this last week. He was 6 lbs 14.5 at his 1 week and 7lbs 14 and is 22 inches at yesterday's appt. Newborn bloodwork was all normal and he had his Hep B vaccine. He is being good to me at night. He eats about every 3.5 to 4 hours. Sometimes he wants to suck after eating and won't take a pacifier. He really likes to be held when he falls asleep. He fights sleep a bit too but the white noise works like a charm. Today was my first day alone with them both. Dh went back to work. Grace refused to nap and has tested me all day. Sigh I'm taking it one day at a time tho.

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Wow one pound in a week, good job!! Glad everything was great! Sorry about DH going back to work. I have been ony own for about a week and a half now and we are starting to get in somewhat of a groove. But Sophia has been fighting her naps too and SO hyper. Some days I'm about ready to drop her off somewhere...anywhere Blum 3

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I'm glad to hear everything is going so well! There are days when Levi can be a pill too! Some days, he's so helpful and loving, others, I want to lock him in his room all day!

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What a good little grower you have there!! I have been on my own since Tuesday when dh went back to work. I agree it takes a lot to get into a groove with the older ones one day at a time!