37 week appointment

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37 week appointment

Pretty uneventful. HIV draw, GBS swab. Internal showed absolutely nothing happening. I didn't expect differently because it's been that way with each of my pregnancies, but still a bit disappointment. She did say, though, that my cervix is induce-able, so we're still going with the 39 week induction. She didn't set up the timing because she said it will depend on what they see next week in terms of cervical progress. If nothing's happened, I'll need to come in Weds night for cervadil. If things have progressed, then we'll just go straight for Pitocin on Thu morning.

Best part of the appointment was that I lost half a lb over the past couple weeks. Woot!

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Too bad for no progression, but yay for being ok to be induced!

This baby could still surprise you, but if it's been this way for all pregnancies so far, you would know best!

Wow...we are getting really close now!! Are you excited to meet your LO?? I'm super excited to meet him/her but also a little scared of the whole L&D...


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Sounds like a good appt! Too bad you aren't dilated or effaced, but at least they will be able to induce you for when you've planned. There is still time for something to happen though...

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Glad your appt went well! And I don't know what makes a cervix inducable or not but sounds encouraging that you're at that point!

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Sorry you aren't progressing. I'm not either so I know how you feel. I can't believe you are so close to holding your LO!

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I'm in the same boat too! I'm scheduling my induction next appt for sometime around 39 weeks. Glad things are good but I hope our LOs pick their birthdays. Wink

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Well I will hope for you that there is progress so you can skip right to the pit! I only had to do the cervadil with my first w/ my others I managed to dilate enough by induction time and I hope the same for you! WTG on losing a lb wish I could do that!

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Sounds like a good appointment. Sorry about not progressing, but things can change so fast with our little ones.

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I hear ya girl. My appt went the same. The OB apologized when she told me I was closed. I laughed at her. I have never dilated on my own & don't figure it will happen anytime soon. I was hoping to NOT need to be induced, but I'm trying to be realistic now & acknowledge that I most likely will have to be induced this time too.

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Same story here! 3rd baby and nothing is different from the other two. My body just doesn't do anything until it's made to Smile Glad you're cool with the induction though and hopefully it's an easy one for you.

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YAY for an uneventful appointment! Biggrin