37 week appt & massage

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37 week appt & massage

The pregnancy massage was awesome!!! An hour of heaven and she worked on my neck, back , hips and calves. She even gave Ben a lite massage. We had a talk with him about moving down. heh I'm so relaxed. She showed me a way to lay on my side taking pressure off the under side hip. Well I'm GBS + so I'll be getting Keflex cause I'm allergic to Penicillin. Lucked out last time and didn't need any. Still 1 cm -3 but 50% effaced this time. Next appt is 4/8 and I'll schedule my induction for around 39 weeks then. I'm picking the date based on Dr I's schedule..I really want him to deliver. But I'd love it if Ben would pick his own birthday! Doing my belly cast this weekend.

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Oh the massage sounds great!! I have been thinking of getting one but am too lazy to actually set it up plus I have a million things to do before she comes. Glad you are effacing more that is half the battle! It is nice that you can schedule what dr you want to deliver with at my practice you get who is on call and that is that. That is one of the reasons I see the MW as I know she will deliver me! I do want to do a belly cast maybe I can drum up the energy this weekend.

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Oh, I'm so jealous. I desperately need a massage. Most work on DH tonight, lol. Glad you had a great massage and can't wait to see pics of the belly cast!!

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Oh I could SO use a pregnancy massage! Lucky! Boo about GBS and yay for some progress! Hopefully little Ben arrives on his own schedule before an induction is necessary!

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pregnancy massage sounds fabulous. Smile mine was heavenly. Yay for some progress!

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I'm glad you enjoyed your massage! Mine was fabulous too! It sounds like you are making progress so maybe you will go into labor on your own before your induction. My fingers are crossed for you!