38 wk appointment and LAST DAY AT WORK!!

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38 wk appointment and LAST DAY AT WORK!!

Quick update:

Had my 38 week appointment this morning, everything is great...baby is fully engaged at this point...I asked for no internals until necessary so he was gauging from the outside...he explained all the body parts to me and I was excited that baby dropped half a foot since my last appointment! :eek: Hence all the pains...groin, back and legs...all normal according to him.

I gained 4 lbs eating like a pig...so I told him that I was no longer going to be careful and just eat and eat...he laughed. I was serious! I am seeing him on Tuesday...he wants to see if I make it to then... Wink

If I do, he will schedule me for a sweep, which he is convinced will work to get this LO to start the labour process...but he also told me that the baby is so low that most likely I am progressing naturally and will be a quick L&D...I'm a tad more skeptical so I just nodded and smiled.

Now for the big news: I'M DONE WORKING!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!! Dirol

I am officially off until mid-April 2012! I will get to rest a little before LO comes! WOOHOO!!!!


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YAY for a great appt and YAY for no more work!! That's awesome that baby is already engaged...I'm jealous! I've been bouncing on my ball and walking with no noticable change. :confused: I hope he's right that you're in for a short L&D! Can't wait to see what you're having and hear all about him/her!

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Yay for a great appointment, and triple hurrah for being off work now for so long! That's such a nice perk.

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I'm so jealous of you Canadians! Such a nice maternity leave! Sounds like a terrific appt and you'll soon be holding your LO!

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Yay for no more work! Glad your LO has dropped! Sending you labor vibes!!! Biggrin

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YAY for no more work for a year!! And yay for engaging too! I hope next week finds you super dilated and ready to go so you can get that little one here soon!

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Yay for a good appointment and last day of work. Sending labor vibes your way!