40 week Dr. Appt

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40 week Dr. Appt

Well... not much to report. I asked him to sweep my membranes, which he attempted to do, but she's really high so he couldn't sweep very much. My cervix is pretty soft though, and I'm not quite 2 cm dilated. Not very encouraging. But I do know that with Levi, he was pretty high all the way through contractions and I had to push him down while pushing so maybe I just carry high. Who knows...

Anyhow, not much progress. I really don't want to be here another week, but it doesn't look too promising. Sad

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Hopefully the membrane sweep will get things going. With my 3rd baby he was still high at 40 wks still and I was 1 cm and 50% as well and they scheduled me for an induction in 2 days. He did sweep my membranes that day and nothing happened immediately after but the next morning I started having bloody show, lost my plug, and started having regular ctx. By 5:00 we went to the hospital where they broke my water and he was still high and at 11 pm when I was at 10 cm he was still high. The dr said you are going to push for awhile so go ahead and start now and left the room (should have warned him I am a strong pusher) and he barely made it back in 5 mins later as he was crowning and coming out of me. So really being high doesnt mean a lot!

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Just wanted to send hugs and say hang in there! I'm still not showing any signs of being ready yet, even though I am soooooo ready! Of course, I haven't reached my due date like you, but I do sympathize... Hopefully your LO will surprise you soon! :bighug:

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aww poo! I'm sorry you're still preggo! lol Sending labor vibes your way!!! I think you guys need a good storm to get you going Wink

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I hope she drops soon and the ball starts rolling. Hopefully in another week you'll be holding your LO!! Smile