Anybody else?

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Anybody else?

Feel like baby is sitting on your pubic bone? Seriously, with every step I take I feel like this baby's head in grinding against my bone. OUCH!

If I can clearly feel the head (externally) at least an inch below my hipbones when I'm lying down, does that mean she's engaged?

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I think so. That's where my Dr. felt and said baby was engaged. Isn't that a comfy way to walk around Smile

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My babes head is low and has been for a month or so. She isnt engaged or wastn as of my last appt. You can feel her neck right above my pubic bone most times but she still floats up a bit I think which means she isnt engaged. My MW can feel her head on internal exam as well. I have more pain in my cervix/bladder/inner thighs than I do in my pubic bone I feel like I cant walk a good portion of the time!