April Fools

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April Fools

Anyone concerned they will have an april fools baby? Dh said I could NOT have her on that day because it's his ex-wifes birthday but I got to thinking besides that down side if other kids caught onto the whole april fools b-day I'm sure they could turn it into torture for my kid! Kids really can be brutal!

And something a little funny (and somewhat horrible!) my great grandmother (evidently a horrible woman, just not nice and had lots of issues with everyone) was born on April fools day and she passed away on Halloween so the running joke on that side of the family is that she was born a fool and died a ghoul Smile

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I'm not worried because it would be pretty early for me. But, I think it would be kind of cool as a birthday. I'm around Thanksgiving and I like having a holiday birthday (some years). My LO has a few holidays he could hit... Easter (38+3), FIL's birthday (38+4), May Day (39+3), Cinco de Mayo (40), or Mother's Day (40+3).
Actually, I was thinking about April Fool's Day recently because I got my first ever BFP (DS1) on April Fool's Day 4 years ago. Lol

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I would not be at all surprised if I had this baby on April Fools Day. All of my kids have come around 39 weeks and a day or 2 and April fool's this year would be 39 weeks and 2 days. I think it would be fun though. You could always make them a fun meal (meatloaf that looks like cupcakes, tacos that are really ice cream, etc) to make it extra fun. I didn't think about other kids pulling jokes on them because it is their birthday though, that wouldn't be very nice. I think it could have it's good and bad moments. Last year I made a "chicken not pie" for dinner. My kids thought it was the coolest. Here is the recipe if anyone wants to give it a try:


It was a ton of work and I thought it tasted nasty but my kids thought it was the best, what kid wouldn't want candy for dinner!

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Oh my goodness! How awful but sorrrrt of funny about the fool/ghoul! Wink

Well I actually think it would be cool if Violet was born on 4/1 because Evan was born on 8/2, so she'd have the exact half date! Plus he was born in August and she'd be April, the two A months. It's goofy but kinda neat to me. Blum 3

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My c-section is actually scheduled for April fools day ONLY because I wanted it to be on a friday so my family wouldn't have to take off too many days from work to watch my son. Plus it works out good for my hubby too. I've also been a little concerned about this day for a birthday but everyone just keeps telling me that its just another day. I never thought about other kids playing jokes on them though.

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I have a cousin that was born on APril Fools day. He was the 5th grandchild of the family, all girls so far. So everyone assumed he would be a boy and then he came out a boy! So it was really April Fools to us!!