Awake time?

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Awake time?

How long are you little ones awake? Can they focus on you yet? Any smilers?

Oskar sleeps away most of the day. Usually his longest awake time is in the morning between 6 and 9 and at night time between 6 and 9. Other than that he sleeps. He seems to see more, but can't really focus for a long time. And smiles are irratic. Don't really think he is smiling at us yet.

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I am not quite sure how much Matthew is awake. It seemed like he was starting to be awake more and more through the day, but the last few days, he's been sleeping a lot......I think we're going through a growth spurt b/c he is nursing like crazy too.

As far as smiles, we're probably about at the same point. He can definitely focus on stuff when he is awake. There have been a few times that I know he has smiled at me.....we were interacting and it was a definite smile! But they are still pretty rare right now.

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I don't make sleepy children for whatever reason! Camden is awake all the time. With DS1, I had to basically "teach" him to nap and I am working on that with Cam now. He will nap some in the morning, more so if we go someplace and he is in his carseat/stroller. It is not unusual for him though to be awake from 2:30-9:30 pm, with maybe a 30 minute snooze someplace in there!!! So, because of this, I am working on getting him more into a eat, awake, sleep routine and really working on trying to get him to nap even if we are at home in a crib or pack and play and not just in a carseat (or swing/bouncer).
I think b/c he is awake a lot, he is super alert and has been smiling for a while. I swear he started smiling really early before he is "supposed" to and my mom and dh agree! This week he has become really smiley and smiles when you play and sing with him or just when I pick him up and start talking. I love it b/c he has this huge grin! So sweet!
Oh, and he is awake quite a bit at night too, but that is a whole other story! I swear my kids are like the people in this article!!

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Sid is very alert and awake in two-hour spurts. Then he will sleep for about two hours, feed and the cycle starts over. He smiles a first I thought it was random, but he is really cheery and chats and coos along with the smiles so I know it's genuine contentment. It's what I look forward to most...when I change his diaper, he LOVES it! He kicks his legs all over the place and coos and laughs. It's quite cute. I am amazed by him. I can just stare at him for hours.

He has been sleeping through the night since he was 2 weeks old and I am sooooo thankful because I can't nap during the day so mama needs her night time sleep. His routine is from 10-5, which coincidentally is the same routine I had when I was working...although I don't go back to work until April 2012, if this stays like this, it should be great to get back into the routine. We'll see...



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Nate is awake more and more during the day and can get overtired easily. It takes a lot to get him to nap even though I know he needs it. I have to put him in his swing in the kitchen with the stove vent on high and even then he won't sleep very long. When he's not overtired, he's very chatty- cooing and grunting and making lots of noise. He smiles but usually only in the morning when he's the most content and you have to get right in his face with lots of exaggerated smiles.

He slept his longest stretch last night from 10-2:30! It's slowly getting better.

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I have a sleeper on my hands. Up until about a week ago, I would say her total awake time was 2-4 hours out of 24. And she is never awake at night...just eats and goes right back to sleep. She has recently started having more awake time during the day. Maybe 4-6 total hours of awake time at this point. I was trying to remember what is "normal" for 2 months old, cause it does feel like she sleeps a lot.

When she is awake she is very alert and taking in everything. She has been smiling for about 2 weeks and loves being sung to Smile

pico83 (not verified)

LO spends a hour or so awake a few times a day with shorter stretches here and there. He's starting to take somewhat predictable longer morning and afternoon naps along with his catnaps as well. He definitely focuses when awake and he gave me a smile Wednesday. Smile Both my others started smiling right around a month, so I've been watching for it.