Birth Control Options? - update!

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Birth Control Options? - update!

So, just curious as to what everyone is using for birth control.

I'm currently taking the mini-pill (progesteron only) BUT.....

Basically, I have had problems in the past with birth control pills (regular ones) messing me up emotionally and it seems like it is a connection with the change in my hormones. I didn't really think that I was noticing a huge change this time, but DH said that he has noticed a dramatic difference- he said that I go from one "super extreme" to another "super extreme". LOL. On top of that, I have had a HUGE weight gain......I don't think it is the pill itself that is causing my weight gain, but rather the pill is causing an increase in appetite and I am eating more. I had read that the mini pill can cause an increase in appetite and I am constantly legitimately hungry. Also, I don't know if this is related to the moodiness that DH has noticed, but I went from being really motivated to work out and exercise to get back in shape, to not wanting to do a single thing. I had actually lost most of my baby weight and only had about 10 lbs to go to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And now, I'm about 20 lbs away from that number instead (up 10 lbs). Of course, with eating more, not exercising doesn't help the weight gain. Anyway, I am a few days away from a prescription refill and I'm thinking of putting a call into my dr to find out other options instead. The problem is, with nursing, i'm already limited on what I can be on and then with the hormonal issue, that limits me even more. Just curious as to if anyone else ran into issues with the mini-pill and also, what you are using if you aren't taking the mini-pill. Trying to figure out what my other options might be at the moment.

So, I ended up not taking the pill last night and I called my dr today. Last night was a REALLY bad night for me emotionally and hormonally. I really felt like I was going to lose it with my DD. And she wasn't any different than a normal day with was kinda scary. So, the course of action for now is that I have stopped the BC. We are using condoms for the time being and I don't know if we'll use something else in the near future or not. The hormones from the BC will take up to 2 weeks to completely be out of my system (this is different than their effectiveness). If I am still seeing these huge swings in my mood and hormones at that time, then I will probably end up going on something to increase my serotonin levels. He wanted to go ahead and put me on something, but I was hesitant....especially if it really is simply the BC pills, then I didn't want to take something unnecessarily. So for now, I just have to "hang in there". The good thing is that DH is really supportive about it and while he admits that he doesn't understand, he is trying to. Anyway, I'll let you know how things are going. I'm hoping that things get much better in the next two weeks.

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Funny that you should mention the mini-pill increasing appetite. I hadn't heard of that before, but I'm taking it right now (been about a week), and for the last 2 days I've been eating everything in sight, LOL. It totally makes sense. The hormonal BC options can mess with your system in so many ways. I mentioned before in another post that I was on the pill and/or Nuva Ring for about 15 years, and it was giving me problems with my weight, my heart, and my libido, and it wasn't until I went off of them that I realized what was causing all of that. The only reason I'm taking it now is because it somehow preps my cervix and fallopian tubes for the permanent Essure procedure I'm having done next week. As soon as I have that, I'll stop taking the pills.

I had good luck with a diaphragm between babies. You do need to get fitted for one, which some people may find awkward. But after giving birth, I doubt that "shyness" around your doctor will be an issue, LOL. The good thing is that it's a barrier method, so there are no hormones involved. You just have to deal with being "prepared" before you DTD - no more truly spontaneous hook-ups. But for me, that wasn't a big deal. Might be worth a try for you...?

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I had the same thing when I was on the mini-pill last time - this time - he's scheduled for a vasectomy July 6th Smile

You know what else though, I found myself eating like crazy last week and experienced all the pms stuff that I normally get even though I don't have AF back yet - so I'm thinking even without the actual AF, you still have the hormones controlling the rest of it.

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We're currently using LAM. Biggrin I'm thrilled to have a doc who said "That's a great method!". But, since I can't use that indefinitely, we plan to try a diaphragm (with 3 kids DTD is never really spontaneous, anyway) and once I start cycling we'll combine that with FAM.

Hormonal BC makes me a crazy, hormonal mess. Not doing that again.

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I'm also on the mini pill and I am RAVENOUS. I always thought it was because of breastfeeding, but the hormonal stuff totally makes sense. I really want to get off hormonal bc, too. I may try Fertility Awareness. I'm a little scared of it though, having never done it before. I just really don't need an "oops" right now. Have to do some rereading about it and see if I think I can manage.

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I have had issues in the past with the pill so I haven't taken it or any other hormonal birth control since a year before DD was born. We do a combination of fertility awareness and condoms and it has worked extremely well for us. No oops's. Of course when I told my ob at my 6 week appointment that, she kind of laughed and told me she expected me to be pregnant before my next annual in April. LOL! I'm pretty sure we are done, but DH doesn't want to do anything permanent yet.

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I am like you and have a terrible time on BC b/c of the hormones and side effects. I took them right around when we got married and only lasted a few months. I got off them the month after we got married b/c it was just unbearable. We used natural family planning until we started ttc, although we had a lot of infertility problems so that probably contributes a bit to the NFP being so successful Wink I know that DH doesn't want to have another for at least a year (and I'm totally cool with that, even though I desperately miss being pregnant) so I guess we'll just be doing the NFP again. Still no sign of AF so right now we aren't really using anything. Since the terrible infertility we said we would not use birth control again and if we got a surprise we would just be thrilled to have conceived on our own. Not sure what we are planning on using for the next year though bc DH hates condoms (who's dh doesnt, right?) and I'm definitely not going back on the pill... I guess NFP it is then. haha.