Bottle-feeding yet?

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Bottle-feeding yet?

Just wondering, for those of you who are BF, if you've tried giving your LO a bottle yet, and if so how it went.

I was beginning to get pretty depressed about the fact that Vi refused to take one. We had some Playtex Drop-Ins from when my older DD was a baby, and I bought new nips for them, but Vi was just NOT having any part of them, no matter who fed her. I would feel terrible any time I had to run out somewhere without her - doc appointment, hair cut, whatever - and I knew that when I got home she'd be screaming, sweaty, and covered in spit-up from being so worked-up, poor thing. I decided to buy a Dr. Brown's bottle, which my friend recommended, but DH wasn't having any luck with that one either. (Though, to be honest, he's not very patient and gave up after only 5 minutes.:rolleyes:) Anyway, I got so desperate that I put her in the swing and knelt down behind it myself, reached around with the bottle... and she took it! She drank the whole thing (well, you know, all 2oz...). That was with EBM. So the next day, I tried 2oz of formula, and she took that too! Oh, I am sooooooo relieved! And the next day, my mom tried giving her the Dr. Brown's bottle, and she took it from her too. Hooray!! :pinkelephant: I'm still nursing almost exclusively, but it's SO nice to have the option to use a bottle, you know? Anyway, I'm totally psyched.

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Hey Elise!! I'm totally lurking, but will be watching this thread! I JUST started pumping and was wondering when I should have DH try and give Grayson a bottle. He takes a paci (well, sometimes) so I'm hoping he'll take the bottle once in a while, too.

LOVE your siggy pic!

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I have been pumping and giving Lucy the bottle (once or twice a week) since she was about one week old. I have the medela bottles to go with my pump, and she really does well with them.

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Great news, Elise!

Layla had to take a bottle for two straight days when I was hospitalized when she was a week old, so it has never been a problem for her, but I can imagine what a relief it is for you to be able to get away now!

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we offered one around a week old (he was already up almost a pound, so BFing was clearly well established). The first time he wasn't sure he liked it, but the second time he did fine. He only gets them so DH can have a chance to feed him or so I can go out without him. I have no trouble pumping, but we tend to forget we should give bottles occasionally.

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Yeah somewhere around weeek 2 she had her first one bc the kids wanted to feed her. That was with the medela ones, but bc of gas issues when she gets ebm, we use the playtex nursers, she takes it no problem but is super sloppy with it! It just comes out too fast for her to keep up with so she'll take a few pulls on it and then you have to take it out for a second, otherwise poor things just drowns!

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We've given Olivia a few bottles - first because my nipples were so torn up & then just to keep her used to them (I go back to work in 2 weeks). She does fine with them (we use the Dr. Brown's bottles).