Emily Birth Story and more

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Emily Birth Story and more

I was scheduled to be induced on 4/19, sometime between noon and midnight. We spent all day waiting by the phone for the call to go in. Finally at 9:30 pm the hospital called. We arrived around 10:30 pm and waited in the waiting room for over an hour. Went straight to L&D room, changed into gown, got hooked up to monitors, asked a million questions by one nurse while another attempted to insert the IV. First attempt consisted of her chasing a vein in my arm for what seemed like forever, then telling the other nurse to come feel this... the vein is right there but it won’t go in. “Isn’t that weird?” Second attempt was in my hand, went right in. Penicillin was started and a dr came in and checked me. 2 cm, 50-60% effaced, -3 station, no change from weeks prior. Pitocin was started around 12:30. Labored throughout the night, contractions 2-3 minutes apart, lasting a minute. Every 30-60 minutes the nurse would come in and turn up the pitocin, stopped at 12. 4:30 am was time for another dose of penicillin, it burned and everytime something new was put through the IV the vein felt like it was on fire. At 5:30 my dr came in to check me, 3 cm, still about 60% effaced, -2 station. He thought to get things moving he would slowly break my water by inserting an internal fetal monitor. At 8:30 I decided to get the epidural so they would stop asking if I was ready for it yet. Of course the nurse decides to do the next dose of penicillin as he was placing the epidural, arm was on fire again. At 9:30 my dr came and checked me again, 4 cm 90% effaced and still -2 station. They started to get the room prepped for delivery which confused me since I was only 4 cm dilated. At this point I got a little frustrated due to the lack of progress and decided to take a nap. I slept off and on for about 45 minutes every once in a while checking the monitor to see how strong the contractions looked. They looked weak to me. Around 10:30 a nurse came in saying it looked like I was close by the monitors. She checked me, 9 cms with a small lip left. Delivery time! She called my dr, he arrived at 10:45, had me do a practice push and yelled for me to stop almost immediately. They broke the bed down and at 10:50 started pushing. With the 1st contraction, got to the count of 3, told to stop, I heard him comment that the cord was around her neck. I said “Her head is out?” I had no clue, did not have the immense pressure like with my previous 5. She was completely out by 10:51 am. I did tear some externally and internally due to her fast delivery and a ton of scar tissue. Emily weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces, 20.5 inches long. We came home the next day.

Tubal was scheduled for 12:45 pm, wound up being pushed back quite a few times due to emergency c-sections. Finally at 5:30 I was taken to the OR to have it done. Unfortunately the epidural had worn completely off and the anesthesiologist could not get me numb enough quick enough, so my dr decided to do a few injections of lidocaine in my stomach and put me at an angle to get the epidural to move higher. The tubal was such a weird experience, I never want to be awake again during a surgery hearing everything they were doing. The tubal took about 30 minutes, small incision in my belly button . Recovery from both the delivery and tubal wasn’t to bad. Day 1 and 2 it felt like I did way to many sit ups, worst was the shoulder and rib pain. So far I am okay with my decision to have the tubal, although it is hard to believe that I will never be pregnant again. My dr said that he cut a good portion of each tube, that there will never be a #7 or 8 (must have an even number Smile ) and I will not be able to have it reversed later.

Emily is a content tiny girl. She has absolutely no butt or thighs, so I am using preemie diapers due to newborns leaking at the leg holes. Her feet are curved which I am doing stretching exercises to try to get them to straighten. In a few months, if they do not improve she may need casts or braces. Her spine in also curved a bit which we are watching. Breastfeeding is going good, for the most part she latches on good. Although she likes to take her time getting a llatch she likes. My 2 year old feels she should get to nurse everytime she sees Emily nursing, I let her usually every other session. No clue how long I will attempt the tandem nursing.

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wow! What a great story! Smile I can't believe she was out in one minute....that is fast!!

So glad that your tubal went well also. I've contemplated that when we decide for sure if we are done or not....but I think I'm going to make DH get a vasectomy! Smile