Feeding and Sleeping

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Feeding and Sleeping

Hey everyone! I have been reading everyone's posts but I haven't posted lately because my iPad is a pain to type on and my husband hogs the computer, but finally I could grab it.

So we ended up having to supplement breastfeeding with formula after Nate dropped an entire pound. Since then he has passed his birth weight by a couple of ounces. Yay for him. But this set up has me COMPLETELY exhausted.

Because I am nursing first and then giving him a bottle, feedings take an hour. He eats 3-4 oz a feeding after nursing. I pump after nursing as well. Then he is eating every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. (Initiated by him) At night, after feedings, he is wide awake and takes forever to get back to sleep so by the time I get him down, it's almost time to eat again. If our nights went a little more smoothly with him falling back asleep easily after eating, I would feel a lot better.

I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. I know that it eventually gets better. I remember it will Allie, but I am having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel right now. My supply is more than with DD but it is not increasing and the LC's have told me that I will most likely never make enough to BF exclusively (or even provide more than an "appetizer" to the real meal). I want to give up at least 10x a day and then I feel heart-wrenching guilt about it.

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Katie, I am so sorry. Sad

I have also been supplementing since about two weeks old and trying everything under the sun to increase supply. I know it is frustrating but we are doing the best we can, right? I really hope you will start getting more sleep at night...maybe you could skip the pumping after feeding at night so you can get a little more sleep and try to maintain your sanity? I only pump during the day, I just can't do it in the middle of the night.

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I'm sorry Katie & Carrie! :bigarmhug: I really hope it gets easier for you both. No doubting the lengths you both will go to for your LOs but I do understand it can't last forever. You have to function and shouldn't feel guilty about it!

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so sorry you are both going through this!! But definitely don't feel guilty about it! You are doing what you need to do for your baby.....including supplementing with formula so they will continue to grow and thrive (instead of continue to lose weight). I know it must be very disappointing to not be able to BF exclusively, but I think it is awesome that you are still BFing at all instead of just giving up and going straight to formula. Just remember that even that little bit of breastmilk it providing nutrients and immunities that they so desperately need! If that is all they get from the breastmilk, take pride in the fact that you are able to do that much for your LO!

And I feel you on the sleep issue! DD was a great sleeper but DS is not so much! I'm having to completely relearn and readjust to having a newborn b/c so far, they've been completely opposite babies!

:bigarmhug: Hang in there!!

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girl- Don't beat yourself up! You're doing SO great! ((HUGS)) hang in there - it'll get better! It is sort of frustrating when they want to be wide awake in the middle of the night. Delaney seems to be starting her day at 4:00 am - not fun for mama but I love seeing her eyes taking it all in - even if it is super super early!

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Ugh - you poor things!! There's nothing more maddening than sleep deprivation, I think. It can make you absolutely loopy. HUGS!!

I have no real advice, but I just wanted to say DON'T feel guilty about whatever choice you make. I know how much pressure gets put on us these days to BF, but honestly, the best thing you can do for your LO is to keep yourself healthy and sane! I know how "good" breast milk is for them, but I don't believe formula is the "evil" stuff many people want us to think it is. Heck, most of our moms gave us formula, and we turned out okay, didn't we? And that was the formula of 30 years ago - just think of how much it's improved since then! I'm not trying to sway you either way, but I just want to send you some hugs and hope that you are able to do what's best for YOU and your family, without guilt.

Hang in there!! :bighug:

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Thanks. We had another rough night with him getting up every hour and then eating only a little. I'm really hoping I can get a nap in today.