Feel like I'm going to pop!

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Feel like I'm going to pop!

Oh man, I feel like I can't really get any bigger. Every movement hurts. When Oscar moves, it feels like my belly is being ripped open. Plus it constantly feel like everything is stretching, but in a painful way. On top of all of that, I have yet another cold. And when I cautiously breeched the topic of natural induction around week 39 with my midwife, she lectured me on how each baby came at it's own time, blah, blah, blah. Germany is so different when it comes to inductions. You get induced after week 42 unless of a medical emergency. Period. Ok, I whinged enough for one day. On a good note, tomorrow is my baby shower, YAY!

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Sorry about the cold! I had the "going to pop" feeling last week but Ben finally dropped and now it's just crotch pain. Biggrin Hope you have a great shower and get pics! Hope your LO comes soon after.

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Oh, Julia, I can sooooo relate! Not so much with the ripping/stretching, but I just feel so huge. I've had several people comment just this week about how I "waddle" now, and by the end of each day my feet feel like they're on fire and I can barely climb my stairs to get to bed. Not to mention I pinched a nerve in my back 2 weeks ago, and it's still bothering me, so that only adds to my waddle. Wink

Well, we're almost there! Soon we'll be complaining about sleepless nights, sore nips, and stitches, so I guess there's always something to be thankful for at the moment, right? Hang in there! :stillhug:

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Right there with ya...his movements are so strong I also feel like he's going to rip right through sometimes! YOW! Sorry about the cold...hope you recover quickly. Sickness during pregnancy is just not right, we have enough to go through! You're in the home stretch now-hang in there!

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I'm feeling huge too. I just want her to come out! I've felt all along that she was going to be early, but I'm thinking I was wrong. Since I have 6 days till due date, I think on time or late is going to be more like it. And my doc didn't say anything about induction either, at the 39 week appointment.

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I fee exactly the same. I can hardly stand it! And all the looks I get from people who tell me I'm about to pop doesn't help. I feel him from my ribs to my cervix, where it feels like he has a little knife and is stabbing me repeatedly. I'm not sure how much bigger he can grow!

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I feel ginormous too and she isnt even up that high. Blah!!!! If you dont have any issues here w/ you or baby they weill make you atleast go til your edd and even to 42 wks if things look well. They made me go to 41 wks w/ #2 and I could have cheerfully killed them for it!