Getting to know you!

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Getting to know you!

Thought we could all post about our little ones since we're a big combined group now!

Name: Avery Cole
Birthday: January 19 2011
Siblings (if any): Brother Liam 3yo
Favorite Things: Cars, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dancing to any music - even the grocery store background music!
Anything else?: He's such a sweet, smart and sneaky little guy!! Not really talking yet though but he knows exactly what's going on, I'm convinced he's holding out on us!

Siblings (if any):
Favorite Things:
Anything else?:

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Name: Jack
Birthday: March 3
Siblings (if any): None .....yet!
Favorite Things: He loves balls or anything round that could be a ball LOL. He also loves book and reading them. Jack also LOVES to eat, he will eat anything and everything
Anything else?: Jack is a very bright little boy! Same as Avery, he is not talking yet. He has his own language that he uses so I know he is holding out on us. One day he will wake up and just talk!! He was like that with all of his other milestones. He would just wake up and do it, walking.....standing up on his own....ect!!

I hope this board gets moving again as I need something else do to!! LOL

Can't wait to meet everyone and their LO's!

pico83 (not verified)

Name: Oliver
Birthday: April 26, 2011
Siblings (if any): Raymond, 4, and Alex 2 1/2
Favorite Things: music, balls, books, his brothers
Anything else?: very sweet little boy. He talks a little. He's been using Mommy reliably since 7 month and Daddy since 8 months. He waves hi and bye bye and sometimes says the words. He loves to say no. He has a few things which might be words, but it's hard to tell with the baby accent. He understands a lot. DS1 was a late talker and DS2 was early, so we'll see where this LO falls. He's not walking, but I'm sure he could if he wanted to. I think he's just too scared of falling down to take that first step.

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Hi everyone! Thought I'd pop in and say hi! I'm from the March 2011 birth board, though we've sort of moved to Facebook, so no one really posts here anymore. I started off on this site with the August 2007 birth board.

Name: Charlotte Jean
Birthday: March 3, 2011
Siblings (if any): Parker (4 - born 8/26/07) and Madelyn (2 - born 1/29/10)
Favorite Things: Anything her big brother and sister are doing!
Anything else?: Waiting for Charlotte to start walking soon! It seems like none of my kids are in a rush to walk! Parker walked at 13 months and Madelyn walked at 15 months. Charlotte is 13 months now and she's taking her time!

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Name: William Jr., AKA Bubba
birthday: feb 14 2011
siblings: Ellie, 3 yrs old
favorite things: anything he can climb on, and food
anything else? he doesnt walk. Ellie didnt walk until she was 20 months, so what he does- letting go and standing- is way ahead of what she did at this age. he does talk, has like a dozen words, mama, dada, a-boo, hi, bye, two, three, hat, hot.... and i can't remember what else he says.... he also signs- more, all done, please, and he knows milk but never actually uses it. he climbs. like a monkey. a fat monkey. i know he weighs at least 27 lbs and i think he weighs closer to 30. he's outgrowing 24 month clothes. fast. picture in siggy is very outdated. LOL.

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Name: Corbin
Birthday: March 25, 2011
Siblings (if any): none
Favorite Things: nursing! He has a hand teether that he lives right now. And a truck he likes to push around. He loves our car keys!
Anything else?: we're still not walking yet either. He has taken steps here and there but still isn't quite confident enough. Soon though!

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Name: Anderson
Birthday: April 7, 2011
Siblings (if any): Bro Hayden, almost 5, Sis Kate, almost 3.5, and soon-to-be Little Bro or Sis, due 11/23
Favorite Things: Anything he can throw! Or anything that his siblings are playing with. He loves to steal toys and run off with them!
Anything else?: He is a very happy boy, LOVES to be around his siblings (he lights up when they come home from preschool or get up in the morning), has been walking full-time since mid-Feb, but not talking yet. Babbles mama mama, but doesn't say it referencing me. He does sign a few things, but only intermittently.