Got my date!

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Got my date!

Baby is measuring 8 lbs 12 oz today! :eek: She said the measurement is +/- about 1 pound. I decided to go with the induction plan at 39 weeks, not just because he is big. My DH is an airline pilot and has taken 3 weeks off for the baby to come. If I hang around and go overdue he will be back at work flying all over the country (and some internationally). Our families live 4 hours away and 8 hours away, so it just makes sense to plan for him to come so the kids are taken care of and so that I have my labor coach with me, plus help after the baby gets here. I have had great induction experiences with relatively short labors (~7 hours and ~5.5 hours) so I'm expecting and hoping for a similar experience this time. The BIG DAY is April 7th...the countdown has begun!!!

4+7=11 Biggrin

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Yahoo Wow in about a week he will be here Beth! So excited for you. Biggrin

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Congrats on having your date!! That is so exciting. I'm amazed at your induction experiences!! I hope it goes smoothly this time also!! and SOOO jealous that your DH gets so much time off work. My DHs boss (he works in an ER) was a total jerk about it and didn't even want to give him a couple days off... Ugh!!

Anderson will be here in no time!!! Yahoo

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:woohoo: Congrats on having your date!! It'll be here so fast!! Biggrin Hope you're ready! Hee hee! Hope the induction goes well and that it stays in suit with your others.

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That's great!! April 7 is just around the corner! YAY! I agree, it does make more sense to do it that way given your DH's schedule!

Can't wait to hear about the birth and to see pics of Anderson!


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April 7th is next week!!!!!! woohoo! I think I'd probably go the induction route too if dh had a schedule like that - glad he'll be able to be there for you and baby!

Caity - that's just horrible! What an a**!

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YAY, BETH! That's great! April 7th will be here before you know it. Smile

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OOoooh so close! I'm pretty sure I'd also choose to have an induction with your DH's situation. And that's great that he'll have 3 weeks off to help you.

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Ya know, I'm not big into inductions, but given the circumstances, I'd be right there with ya! Woohoo to have a date and yay for having your labor coach and your husband there for support for the other kiddos.

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Yay, so excited for you. April 7th is right around the corner. You'll be holding your little one in no time.

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So excited for you Bet!! YAY! You will be going 6 days before me unless I defy the laws of nature and somehow go on my own which wont happen. Sounds like Anderson is going to be a bruiser! I will be watching for a text updating that day!! Hope this labor is super short for you.