How is sleep going?

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How is sleep going?

Just wondering how the babies are sleeping and how you're all dealing with it and feeling.

Last night Andy went his longest stretch between feedings, most of which was spent sleeping. He did wake once, but having him take a 6.5 hour break from the breast was much appreciated! He usually goes 4 hours between feedings during the night, but they line up so that I'm getting up twice in the night. The second one is usually around 5:30 (so finished at about 6:00), then my 2yo DD likes to get up by 6:30 the last few months, so there's not enough time to sleep again. Sad I have been trying to make it to bed by 9:30, but it doesn't usually happen. I get pretty tired during the day, but my almost 4yo doesn't nap anymore and will not leave me alone if I try to nap. I am ready for some 12-hour nights from this baby boy, but I know that's far in the future!

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Past few nights were 8-hour sleeps. Last night was 9. And well timed, too. 9:30PM to 6:30AM.

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Nate went from 8:30 to 12:45 then 1:15 to 4:30. We're consistently getting 3-4 hour stretches at night but I am ready to up that! I'm hoping by 2 months - which is soon - he'll be sleeping longer.

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We got a 6 hour stretch last night which was nice! But usually it's one 5 hour and then every 2-3 after that but the times she starts that 5 hour is all over the place - anywhere from 7:30-11:30 at night so I can't take full advantage of it bc I'm still getting the other to bed. And I can relate withe the 4 yo disurbance! Ds is the same way - it's like some sort of alarm goes off whenever my eyes close for a minute! It's so frustrating.

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We've had two nights where he went 5.5 hours. Mostly it's around 4 hours then around 3 hours.

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Sleep is still rough at our house!! Our ped said its b/c C was so little to begin with and b/c he was a couple weeks early. He said he is still on a newborn schedule with his eating and sleeping. I think this is definitely the case. He had his 2 month appt last thursday and he was one day shy of 9 weeks and he was 9lbs 15oz... The baby in the hospital room next to us when he was born was over a pound bigger than that just at birth!! :eek: So he had his shots on thursday and then he slept GREAT thursday/fri/sat... then sun/mon nights he was back to his normal sleep schedule. During those 3 days he was sleeping 5-6 hr stretches. Now he is back to his 2.5-3 hrs... oh how I miss those three nights!!

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Layla goes about 6 hours then 2-3 after that. It's typically about 10-4 ish and then she'll wake up again around 6:30 or 7 and then back to sleep again. Last night she went to bed super early and slept from 6:15pm to 8am. She ate at 11:30, 2:30, and 6:30. I have to go back to work in 2 weeks so I am really thankful that she's doing so well. I'm praying for longer stretches for those of you who aren't getting it yet!

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We've been doing really well....bottle before bed (around 10pm) and sleeping until around 6:15am with no overnight feedings.....that was until last night, when we had a diaper explosion at about 4am and between changing her and cleaning up the bed, we had to have a 4:30am bottle to get back to sleep. Hopefully, tonight will NOT be a repeat performance......:eek:

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Emily sleeps from 11 until 5/6. Then nurses and typically sleeps until 7/8, nurses, then back to sleep again until 10/11 until she will spend a few hours awake.

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DP last night slept for 5 hours and 45 min between 11 pm to 4:45 am. He has been sleeping 4-5 hours between 10 am and 3 am and then every 3 hours after that for feeding (I am breast feeding). He is a much better sleeper than my other son who was still on the every 2 hour schedule at this point.