How's everyone's weight?

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How's everyone's weight?

I go the doctor's next week for my post-partum checkup...I can't wait to see how much I weigh...although I am not happy at all with my shape is not what I would like it to be. I'm hoping the doc will clear me to start running so that I can start training for a marathon again...seems to be the one sport that keeps me on track! Smile

How are you ladies doing post-partum?


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I gained 37 pounds with this pregnancy and have lost 30. 7 pounds left, but then I also need to lose the 20+ pounds I hung on to from DD1! I'm going to start WW when I go back to work. I can wear most of my regular clothes now, but some are a little more snug in the waist than I'd like!

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I know just what you mean about "being the wrong shape", LOL! I'm feeling it too. :confused:

Overall, I gained about 35 lbs, and I've lost 15 so far without trying. So, that means 20 to go. Sounds like a lot, but I'm not worried - if it takes me a while, so be it. My plan is to go back to the gym and use Weight Watchers (though not super-strictly), but I promised myself I'd take it easy and not even think about it until June... which starts next week! Ack. (That just means I need to fill up on all my favorite fast foods and sweets this weekend! Woohoo!) Wink

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I gained 17 and am 2 pounds below pre-pregnancy weight but geez, so it's amazing how everything just hangs there! yuck - I was cleared today w/no restrictions so ab work here i come! Would like to start jogging but I'm dreading how the bouncing will hurt the ta-tas!

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I gained almost 35 pounds and have 10 left to go. I actually had my appt. 1.5 weeks ago and so I have been jogging every other day. My abs are SO super weak so I have been doing some core things, but need to do more. I'm wearing most of my regular clothes, but they are a little snug! I also have a friend that likes to shop that when she got pregnant and post pregnancy bought jeans in every size and is letting me use them so it has been awesome b/c I have jeans from size 4-12!
Oh, and when I go jogging I almost always wear 2 sports bras or a tank with a built in sports bra and another one on top so that the ta-tas don't hurt!

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Hmmmmm. Let's see. I gained 36 lbs throughout the pregnancy. I've lost 22 lbs so far. so that gives me 14 more to lose to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. But I was about 10 lbs over my goal weight at that point. So, ideally, I'd like to lose another 20-25 lbs. I just had my postpartum appt yesterday and got "approved" to workout again. So, I'm giving myself the weekend to indulge and then first thing Monday, I'm starting a new workout regiment as well as starting to eat healthier. Smile Wish me luck!!

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I gained 30lbs this pregnancy, and have lost 28, so only 2 more to go...BUT, I still have 10 pounds left from my second pregnancy, another 10 pounds left from my first pregnancy, and another 20 on top of that until I'll be comfortable with my weight, so I've got a LONG way to go! Smile

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Gained 25 lbs lost 20 after the first week. But I was up 20 my pre pregnancy weight so I definitely need to lose.

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I gained 12 kilos this pregnancy and lost 16, but still have the extra 25 kilos from DD's pregnancy to lose. So still a long way to go.

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I gained 30 with the pregnancy and have lost 20 so far. After that I want to lose another 25. I started running again this week and I'm doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (except for the ab stuff). I am planning to run a half marathon in October. It's hard to find time to run with the 2 kids. I have to go at 5 am before DH has to get ready for work so I can only manage it if Nate has a good night and doesn't keep me up.

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I actually don't have a way to weigh myself right now... but I think I'm doing pretty good. I'm able to wear my fat pre-preggo clothes, and I don't know about the others; they are all packed away. I definitely still need to lose, and will start working on that when we are no longer in transit. Smile Good luck ladies... Anyone up for a losing weight challenge?

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I gained 54 lbs during the pregnancy. :eek::eek: So far I've lost 28. 26 to go, plus I'd like to lose at least 25 after that, maybe 35. I've already started WW-just finished week 3. I've been riding my exercise bike and went for 1 jog, but I started bleeding heavily after the jog, so I'm taking a full week off from exercise. I'm ready to get going again...waiting for Monday.

pico83 (not verified)

Umm... I gained 26lbs, left the hosp still up 20lbs (after having a 7lb baby :rolleyes:) and am still up 16lbs. But a little extra weight is not much of an issue for me. I was pretty skinny pre-pregnancy. I would like my belly to get a little flatter... it takes time.

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I gained a little over 35 and I am within ONE pound. I was the same with DS1. I gained 40 and was back in a 8 weeks or so.

So .... I will argue yet again with my next midwife that I think my body is going to gain what its supposed to because I have not done a darn thing to try to lose this.

I am hoping to start working out though b/c I am battling some post partum anxiety and cardio will help that.

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I had a negative gain. I was 3 pounds lighter when I gave birth than when I got pregnant. According to the dr's scale I am 32 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant. I think it is more like 22 but after having a stomach this week it is closer to 30!!!

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I gained 22 pounds, and am currently 6 pounds lighter than my pre pregnancy weight. I want to lose 10 more, and definitely tone up a bit!

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Fortunately, I only gained 19 pounds during my pregnancy, after losing more than 100 pounds from my Gastric surgery last March. I lost all of my pregnancy gain within the first 4 weeks, post partum.

I'm back into my pre-pregnancy clothes (size 18/20) and hope to continue to lose more. I actually go back to my surgeon this morning for a check-up, so I'm hoping for some good news!!

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Ugh! I am still struggling with my weight. I have always been very small and petite growing up.... from birth on I have always been small... So this whole weight thing has been very difficult. I gained 30 lbs and lost 10 the first week after his birth. At my 6 week appt I was still up 13 lbs. It looks like now I am only up about 10, but those pounds are hanging on for dear life. They have also relocated... I must have lost a lot of muscle mass or something b/c I have way more than 10 lbs of squishiness to lose! I just hope I get it off soon and that the tan I get at the pool takes care of all the stretch marks!! Sad

I'm definitely ready to start feeling more normal and less huge!! Glad I'm not the only one who is having a tough time adjusting to the new shape. I feel like these love handles and the weird spot just under my rib cage all firms up and changes soon!!

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I gained 55 lbs and have lost 26 lbs so far so have 28 lbs to go. I have been limiting my calories and exercising. It took me a year to get back to my normal weight after my older son was born.