Libby and Alex are here!!!

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Libby and Alex are here!!!

Hi ladies! I know I haven't been around a lot, but I wanted to share the news.

Elizabeth was born at 3:03 pm and Alexander was born at 3:20 pm on Monday March 28, 2011 at 37.1 weeks gestation, full term. Libby weighed 5lbs 11oz and was 18 inches long and Alex weighed 6lbs 1oz and was 21 inches long. My water broke on the Sunday night. I laboured from 11pm on Sunday until 3:00 on Monday.

When I got to the hospital my membranes were grossly ruptured but I was not dilated and Libby was very high still. They put me on pitocin to get things moving. I dilated pretty fast but delivery was really hard.

The babies are perfect and didnt need to be seen by the NICU or anything. I had a much harder time. My labour was retarded. My epideral did not work. I was only numb from under my ribs to about 3 inches under my belly button. So I felt every contraction and EVERYTHING else. Libby and Alex were both delivered vaginally, so I avoided the c-section. Libby was a normal birth. Pushed her out in about 45 minutes. It was the hardest thing I ever did, and the most painful until Alex. He would not descend, and the doctor tried to reach up and grab him, but he could not get a hold. So he had to use forcepts and pull him out. Remember, I was not frozen. I thought I was going to die. His heart rate kept dropping, so they were prepping me for a section. My doctor (not actually my doctor, but the one on call. He was great) he said to me that if I did not want a csection that I had to push like my life depended on it. I did and Alex was born. Kicking and screaming. However, my heart went a little crazy and sky rocketed at 180 bpm and they could not get it down. So I had to go to recovery for an hour. But the babies came with me.

I lost a lot of blood during Alex. I am probably going to have to have a blood transfusion, which I am not crazy about. Just waiting for my doctor to call. I am also swollen like I have never seen before. My feet, my legs, my butt cheeks and my stomach are so blown up from all the fluid they gave me. Everything is so heavy, I can hardly walk.

So, it was not the ideal birth experience, but I would do it all over again to have these babies. I am so in love with them Smile

Here they are:



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Oh, they're so precious!!! Congrats! My sis had a similar experience with her not full-term twins, and ended up with a transfusion. She felt worlds better once she got it! Hang in there, and congrats again!

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WWTW Libby and Alex!! they are precious Noelle!

I am so happy that they are healthy. So sorry you did not have a great experience, but at least you were able to deliver both vaginally, you can be proud of that one mama!!

Thanks for sharing your story and the pics!!


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Bless your heart! Sorry it was such a rough labor and delivery. You should be proud that you were able to deliver them vaginally-way to go mama! They are absolutely adorable! Congrats!

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oh that sounds rough hun! I'm sorry you went through that but it's awesome you didn't have to have a c-section with twins! What an accomplishment! I never had swelling while I was pregnant with ds but after the birth it was horrible! I don't know why that is but I know it happens a lot. Hope you start feeling better soon! Congratulations!!!

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Ouch! That sounds just horrible. I thought it was bad enough dealing with all that for one little guy...can't imagine having to go through it twice in a row like that. On the positive side, your babies are gorgeous and I adore their little outfits. Good job, Mom!

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One word: ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for sharing Smile

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Sorry to hear about your rough birth experience!! My epi didn't work all the way either. But they are sooo adorable!!!! I LOOOVE their outfits!! I hope you are able to recover quickly so you can really focus on enjoying those precious babes!! Love their names!! Smile

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So glad they are doing well! Congrats mama and T&P's that your recovery quickly. That was some birth story. You are a tough cookie. Wink

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Oh my gosh arent they just the most precious things!!!!??? So darling. That sounds just awful (your birth with Alex) I am so sorry you had to go thru all of that. However I am quite sure it was all worth it and then some for those beautiful babes! Congrats on them!!

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Congratulations!! What beautiful babies. Sorry you had such a rough delivery and that recovery is taking a little longer. Definitely wonderful that you were able to birth both babies vaginally. Great job, Momma!!!

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Oh my gosh - what a crazy, crazy story! You are one super-mama! I am always amazed at what our bodies are capable of... I just hope you're feeling much better soon. I know you'll enjoy your little ones - they are just perfect! Reading your story and then seeing their pics made me get a little teary-eyed, too. You'll be telling their story for years to come, I'm sure! Biggrin

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Wow, you had quite the birth experience! I hope your recovery is quick. You twins are adorable!!!

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:lurk: They are so precious. They look like little dolls!

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Wow! What a birth story- sounds like a rough one! Glad that all turned out well though. Your babies are adorable! I love their outfits!

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Congratulations!! Hope you and babies are doing well!!

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Congrats! They are just precious!