Mastitis sucks!

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Mastitis sucks!

I was freezing all night, woke this morning with a 103 degree temp, and was SO sore. Feels like I have the flu with the muscle aches and going from freezing to sweating. Nurse confirmed I have mastitis, my boob HURTS! I nursed 5 kids and never had it, why this time??? Luckily Allyson is still nursing, so she is helping to keep that boob drained.

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I'm so sorry you have this!!! That sounds horrible! I hope it gets better soon!

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I feel you Melissa. I remember feeling like a mack truck hit me, and it came on SO quickly! it didn't seem to bother Levi when he nursed, but it hurt like you wouldn't believe.

:bigarmhug: Hope it clears up for you quickly!

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Aww man that sucks - I was just remembering that it seemed so much easier boob wise when I was nursing tandem then this time around. Thank goodness for that older nursling Smile Hope you feel better soon.

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:bighug: It sure does. I've suffered through it a few times. Take the antibiotics, get lots of fluids and rest, and nurse all the time! Having a nursing toddler sounds awesome. That should help it clear quickly. Good luck!

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so sorry!! I hope it gets better soon!!! Hang in there!