My last appointment!

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My last appointment!

Saw the OB today...still set for my induction on Thursday, pending the hospital having a bed available. *Fingers crossed* My parents are driving in on Wednesday to watch the kids, so I really, really, really hope it goes through. I am "almost 3" and "more effaced." Love how exact she is. Smile She did say his head is "right there" so he must have moved down quite a bit since he was at -3 station 2 weeks ago. I'm getting so impatient for Thursday I just know I won't sleep a wink on Wednesday night. The days are just draaagging by now. My BP was 151/85 which was WAY dropped to 110/65 after a few minutes on my side. She seemed a little surprised by how high it was, but said since I'm delivering in 3 days anyway she is not too concerned. :confused:

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Good luck Thurs! That is nice to have a date so that your parents can get there to watch the kids. I hope your bp stays ok for the next couple days. Try and take it easy (way easier said than done)!

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Yay! So excited for you! I hope you do get some rest before your little boy is here. KUP Beth and best wishes for a safe and delivery on Thursday! Biggrin

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Gotta LOVE a last appt! Sending you lots of luck and good wishes now since I won't be on for awhile!!! Hope everything goes smoothly - and maybe consider paying off a nurse Wednesday night to get someone to go home to make sure they have room! That happened when I was induced with ds - I got the call that they didn't have any room for me, that was so depressing because I was READY! lol

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Ahh the day is almost here! So excited for you!! Cant wait to get the update!!

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I hope they have a bed available for you since you have all the help lined up! It'll be so exciting to hold your little one. Smile