Naava's two-month well visit

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Naava's two-month well visit

All went very smoothly. She is now 22.5 inches long (34%) and 12 lb. (63%). Short and fat LOL. Her head circumference is perfectly in line with these measurements, too. She had 3 vaccinations, plus the oral rotavirus. She took that without a problem. Shrieked like she was horribly insulted during the injections but stopped after 5 seconds. And that was that. We're leaving her Zantac dose where it was - 1.2 ml 2x per day - because it seems to be working. She's supposed to have 30 oz of formula per day but is usually under that. Doesn't seem to be slowing her growth, though, LOL.

TMI but right after we got home she had a huge poop so she probably weighs half a pound less LMAO.

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Sounds like a great appt!! Smile

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Sounds like she is doing great. Good job, Mommy!

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Sidney is in the same percentiles as Naava!! That's funny! He is short and chubby also! She is gorgeous!!