Need Art Opinions (OT)

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Need Art Opinions (OT)

We are redoing our living room and I just bought a new couch and am looking at some new art work. I found this artist that I LOVE but am having a terrible time deciding which piece to get. I want a BIG piece b/c it is on a really big wall. FWIW, the new couch is chocolate and the walls are light tan so I want to add some color. Which ones do you like the best? Some of them have pictures of them on walls, which helps. These are all about 24 inches x 51 inches total. Which ones do you guys like best?







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#3 is my favorite if you're trying to add color.

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I like #2 and #4. Both seem like they would look nice above a couch. Although, it is hard to know for sure without seeing the couch. But those are the two that I like! Smile

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I can see why you're having trouble! I started going down and thought, oh, that's nice, then oh that is too - ohhhh I like that one, etc! I think I like #3 the best. We actually have a chocolate couch with tan walls too and we're trying to get some color too - I didn't realize how dark it would make the living room having a chocolate colored couch. Good luck but I don't think you can go wrong with any of them really!

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I'd say #2 or #4, but I agree that all of them would add a bit of color. I like the bright focal points in those two though, especially if you are trying to add brightness.

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I like #3 the best.

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Those are all amazing! I like #1 the makes me think of a family 'tree' kind of. with the 'daddy' tree on the left, the 'mommy' tree on the right and the 'baby' tree in the middle.

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I LOVE #1! second fave is #4. Good luck deciding! Smile

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My favorite is 3! We have a big wall and have 3 paintings that go together like number 3 (similar size and shape) and I love how it looks!

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They're all really nice... but I think #3 would get my vote. Love the colors in that one, and I love that it's 4 prints instead of 3. JMO! Have fun deciding. (Maybe you should "buy" your two favorite and try them, returning the one you don't choose? I do that with curtains...)