Not nesting?

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Not nesting?

Anyone else just not feeling the nesting instinct kicking in? I thought I was a week or so ago because I want to get lots of things done, but I just don't want to be the one doing it. So maybe that's not truly a nesting instinct? lol I keep waiting to wake up one morning with the uncontrollable urge to clean and organize but it's not happening. I feel like doing the opposite. Sitting on my lazy rear end and doing nothing. Luckily there are only a few things needing to be done, but they are minor and can wait until he gets here if I don't get around to it. I almost feel like a bad mom.

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I don't remember any huge nesting instincts last time around, and haven't had any this time around either. Guess I'm just not a nester, but like you, most of my stuff is done. And now I am living in a temporary place waiting for baby to decide to come out, so not exactly a huge urge to "nest" here.

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lol - well, I did about two months ago and then I haven't since then besides yesterday. There wasn't an urge but once I got myself to start doing it - I couldn't seem to stop! So maybe start off by organizing a closet and see where it takes you! Wink

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I'm only nesting out of necessity not urge Smile My house is a mess and something needs to be done!

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Mine comes and goes. It's like every other day. When it turns on I'm exhausted when done.

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A little bit now I guess but not really very much and none before now. I am pretty lazy feeling too honestly and it hurts to do just about anything and then when I do do something I am just beat afterwards. Sadly I have lots of stuff to do still some things can wait but I HAVE to get the baby stuff brought in from the garage and all the pads from the swing/etc washed up before she comes. Maybe tomorrow.

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I hadn't until yesterday, then I attacked the house like a crazy person. I had just started out to do a regular cleaning and then ended up purging my closet, scrubbing the wall behind the toilet (very difficult with a big belly), scrubbing the silverware drawer, attacking all the woodwork with a toothbrush and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. My feet hurt so much last night I could barely walk and today I am super sore!

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lurker from march

I didn't have the nesting urge with either of my kids!!! I was exactly like you, wanted to get lots of stuff done but didn't want to be the one doing it! Thankfully I have a wonderful mom who came over and helped me make a few freezer meals one day and the day we came home from the hospital with DD2 she was at our house sweeping and mopping my kitchen and had a roast and potatos in the crock pot!

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I *WAS* nesting, but that has since died! Lol Now I want to get stuff done, but what needs to be done is all stuff I can't really do. Poor DH - I've been hounding him for the past couple of weeks about some stuff! I still haven't even packed my hospital bag!