Nursing Pads

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Nursing Pads

What brand of nursing pads are you all using and would you recommend them? I am currently using Lansinoh and also use Johnson's when I exercise. I don't mind the Lansinoh, but I feel like when I wear my thinner summer tops, even over a nursing tank top, you can see them. The Johnson's don't stick so I never actually use them when nursing b/c they move around a lot and are a pain, but they are thin and work well in my sports bras with running. I almost always just wear a nursing tank top with nursing pads under whatever shirt I am wearing. I am looking for a good pad that sticks and stays in place and it would be nice if it wasn't really obvious. I would like to hear what you all like/don't like about different ones b/c I am going to need to buy some new ones soon!
Thanks ladies!

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I use the Johnson's. The not sticking much hasn't ever really bothered me. I just like that they're soft, not too obvious, and don't feel really gross when wet.

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The best I've found is the lanisoh brand so I don't have a suggestion but want to say - good for you for already getting out and running! I need to start bad!!!!

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We have different brands in Germany, so I can't compare, but what I really hate about the nursing pads is that some sort of dissolve and leave little pieces behind. I'm always worried that Oskar is getting a mouth full of lint! I keep trying to just go without, but I am a milk machine and if Oskar doesn't drink or if he does, I leak like a water fountain :D.