Oily skin?

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Oily skin?

So Layla's face is super oily, it always looks greasy, except for right after her bath. Sophia was not like this. Anyone else experience this? I'm curious if it means she will always have oily skin, or if it's just a weird infant thing.

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Hmmm... I don't have any advice, but I'm thinking it's probably something that will disappear over time. Newborn skin is so sensitive and strange, you know? Violet gets these red spots, like little pimples, all over her face whenever she cries! It looks like an allergic reaction to some kind of fragrance or fabric, but it only comes after she's upset and disappears on its own shortly after she calms down... so who knows what that's about! Hopefully your oily issues will correct themselves before long. If it's still bothering you, though, I'd call her pedi and ask, just to see if he has any thoughts - that's what we pay them for, right? Wink GL!

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I actually just read about this today! lol Delaney has gotten those little pimples on her face and they suddently got worse so I thought I would look into it. What I've read is that they still have your hormones in them which can make their skin more oily but it'll even out in the next few months. Sometimes it takes the whole first year to get to a normal balance for them.

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Ben was born with pretty bad newborn "acne". The ped recommend using Lotrimin AF because most of the acne is fungal. It has cleared it up nicely. He still had an oily face by the time he needs a bath(every 3 days or so).