Olivia is here!

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Olivia is here!

Olivia was born on Friday, April 29th at 5:22. Beautiful baby girl, absolutely worth the wait. She fits in perfectly with our crazy little family. The best part - she nurses like a champ!!! I'm pumping to relieve a bit of extra pressure & give my left side a bit of a break (it's so sore I'm tears), but other than that, I'm finally getting to experience a true breastfeeding relationship.

8lbs 6oz, 20.5in

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Congrats and welcome baby Olivia!!! Pumping to relieve me a bit helped me so much! I regulated at about 3 weeks but those first few weeks can be so painful! So glad she's doing so well nursing - YAY!!!

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yay! congratulations! I know you are so excited that she is finally here!! Great pic of you with your kids!

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Congrats!! Love her name. What a great pic, too. Biggrin

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Congrats!!! What a great picture of all of you.

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Congrats, Mama!! Love your siggy pic!