Pink eye?!?!

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Pink eye?!?!

Seriously?? I can't believe little Violet has it! My DD, who's almost 4, has never had it, and she's even in preschool this year. I'm still baffled as to how she got it. It's just in one eye, thankfully, but I feel so bad for her.

I jokingly said to my friend (who told me it was very catchy), "Well then, I hope the strange woman who reached into the covered stroller and touched Vi in the supermarket catches it it, then!" What's up with people?? Oops - I suppose that's a topic for another thread... Wink

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Layla also has an eye infection of some kind (could be pink eye) and has been on antibiotic eye drops for 3 days now. I can't for the life of me figure out where she would have gotten it. Such a bummer, huh? Just know you are not alone Sad

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fyi- when Matthew got it at a few days old, his ped told us that in some cases with newborns, they get pink eye (which is just the common term for any bacterial infection in the eye) because of a clogged tear duct that got infected. She said that clogged tear ducts are very common in newborns and occasionally, a baby will have one that gets infected. Granted, it could have been from someone that had an infection and passed it along, but it might not be.....especially if it is only in one eye, it probably is the case of a clogged tear duct that got infected. still stinks either way and definitely no fun!!

hope it clears up for both of your babes!!!