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Remember me? :)

I haven't been on much lately but have been lurking while I can. I went back to work starting last week for summer school and finally have a minute to do more than just lurk. Love hearing about everyone's babies and seeing their little faces. I'm definitely going to try to look everyone up on FB because it's easier for me to update everyone there at once Smile

The kids are all doing well. Avery turned 7 in May and just finished the 1st grade. I can't believe how fast time is going- it seems like she was just a toddler and now she's so grown up. She challenges me daily with her energy and intensity. She is moving into a age/stage that I'm not very well versed in and I'm not sure I like it. Things were easier when I knew all about what to expect Smile I forgot how complicated it was to be a kid! Emma is starting to talk up a storm (finally!) although I don't always understand her Smile I'm pretty sure she will qualify for some speech therapy by the time she's about 2 1/2 or so. I do love some of her funny pronunciations and word approximations though and will miss them. She has adjusted pretty well to having Charlie around. She loves to "elp" take care of him and has enjoyed trying to get back into all of her old baby equipment. She looks so big in the Bumbo and doorway bouncer now! Charlie is so big now. He was over 12 pounds at his 2 month appointment and I bet he's close to 15 already now. Avery was a big baby and Emma's still a peanut, I was expecting Charlie to be a little guy but it looks like he's following in Avery's footsteps instead. He is a really good baby- nursing well, taking the bottle okay and sleeping about 5-6 hours at the beginning of the night and then in 3-4 hour stretches after that (MUCH better than Emma's 1-2 hours asleep/1-2 hours awake around the clock schedule!) He has torticollis and we are seeing the Physical Therapist for it. I am noticing a difference already though it seems like his torticollis is switching sides now :(. I've also noticed some differences in his vision (not focusing on things up close and not tracking well) and we will be seeing an opthamologist to get that checked out.

I'm loving summer- though it seems like it's always too hot or too cold here in MN, I'd realy love some low 80's and sunny with no humidity. Smile I love the more relaxed pace at work and home. I'll be teaching summer school during July and doing a couple of home visits and evaluations during July and August so I'll still have plenty of time at home with the kiddos. We put in a new playset in the backyard which has been so nice. The girls have so much energy that it's great to be able to send them outside to play and let them wear some of it off. We don't have too much planned this summer other than vacation bible school, swimming lessons, skating lessons and a few trips to WI to see my family/Cory's family. We have a lot planned to do around the house though- projects in the back yard, redoing the basement, moving bedrooms around, etc. Can't wait to have the family room in the basement done- it will be nice to have another place to hang out.

Hope to keep up with everyone a little more now- I'll do some FB friending when I get home (FB is blocked at work). Smile

Here are a couple of pics:

hanging out with his sisters

my 3 lovelies

Emma really wants to hold Charlie but he's nearly as big as she is!

One of my favs Smile

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Sorry - I've read your post 3 times now, and every time I get pulled away before I can respond!

Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are crazy but good - welcome to life with kids, right? Wink Interesting about the torticollis. I've never heard of that before, but I'm glad the PT seems to be helping.

Your kids are super cute! Smile

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I've been trying to respond, too, but I wanted to pull up your post on my iPhone so I could see your pics. Your kids are adorable! I love Emma's hair Smile

I have a big baby, too. She was also just about 12 pounds at her 2 month appt and was 15 pounds earlier this week (not yet 4 months old).

I hope you guys have a good time with all of your summer trips and projects!