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Routines question

Hi ladies!

Question: Anyone else having trouble maintaining a good sleep/eat routine? DH is back to work today (YAY) so I think we should be able to get a routine going now. I'm hoping a nap between 10-12 and 2-4 and then sleep for the night at 7. DD was so much easier to have on a routine. By 4 weeks old she was a 7-6 sleeper. I'm so tired!! Smile

Anyone have any tips, experience or just stories to share on this topic??


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I've had a hard time getting C on a good schedule also. He doesn't seem to be on a very good 24 hr schedule. He wakes up in the morning around 8 (give or take an hour) and is awake for an hour and then back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Then he is usually up for another 1-1.5 hrs and then back to sleep for another couple hours. Late afternoon and early evening is where things get tricky. He does best if he goes to bed around 7-8. Well he ends up being super tired around 5:30. No way he can stay up till 7 but if I put him down for a nap then he would sleep all night... So we haven't quite gotten the hang of that time yet. He is still a huge sleeper though. He hasn't really gotten onto a morning nap/afternoon nap type schedule yet... even though he is 4.5 months old.

Interested to see what everyone else's schedules are! Smile

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Going to daycare has helped a lot here. She usually naps from 9-11 and then from 1-3:30 and then a little catnap sometimes in the late afternoon and then bed around 8. We are having trouble lately getting her to sleep through the night again though. Sad

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Well, I'm probably jinxing this by replying but she wakes up between 7:30-8:30, naps around 10, 1, and 5 - her naps are about an hour to hour and a half and then she's down for the night around 8-830. The problem we're having right now is that last night she was up every three hours on the dot. I'm thinking growth spurt because she eats everytime and not just I need a little nosh to get back to sleep - she is full on nursing every time. Hopefully that comes to a stop soon and she gives 6-8 hour stretches again!