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How are the siblings doing with the new additions? Any jealousy issues? Bad behavior? Or still loving it?

Emma is starting to get a little jealous. She doesn't want to include him in anything anymore, she doesn't like it when I hold him and is just a little disconcerted with everything. I feel so bad for her because she is just going to have to learn to deal with it, but it does break my heart. Mornings are the worst. He is screaming to be held and I have to get her ready for daycare. She drags out everything and I am super frustrated by the time we finally go. I really am having a rough time juggling two! Plus, Emma just doesn't listen anymore. I have to repeat everything multiple times and she disobeys me every chance she gets. I know she is just seeking attention, but boy, I am beat :(!

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Allie adores her brother a little too much. She is constantly all over him, kissing, hugging, rubbing her hair in his face... I have to watch her constantly or she'll hurt him with love. I almost can't wait until he gets a fistful of hair and pulls! She will deserve it. She tells me that she knows he doesn't like it but does it anyway. The thing is, he LOVES just watching her.

She was really defiant and had selective hearing for a while but it is getting better. She is responding better to warnings and not pushing me to see how far she can take it before she ends up in time out- which isn't far. We started a butterfly life cycle incentive chart for her where the butterfly starts out as an egg and as Allie continues to be a good girl, it moves through the life cycle. When it becomes a butterfly, we will take her to the butterfly house.

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Ditto Katie's first paragraph for me. However, as much as Sophia loves her sister, she hates the diminished attention and has definitely been acting out for negative attention pretty much since she was born. Her energy also seemed to multiply when Layla was born...she is SO hyper all the time!! Honestly, Layla has been so is Sophia that wears me out (and tries my patience!) everyday. I've already told DH that when I go back to work he will have to get Sophia ready for school. There is just no way I can deal with both kids in the morning and get to work on time!

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"Katie79" wrote:

Allie adores her brother a little too much. She is constantly all over him, kissing, hugging, rubbing her hair in his face... I have to watch her constantly or she'll hurt him with love.

Ditto... plus he keeps asking to "have another baby in Mommy's tummy" :rolleyes:

But, he already had one little brother before this LO, which I'm sure helped. He has gotten more defiant, he's starting to discover lying, and I definitely have to ask him many times to do things. One thing we started is having "listening stickers". I got some cheap sheets of stickers (12 per sheet) and each day we put a new sheet where he can see it. If we have to ask more than 3 times for him to do something, he loses a sticker. At the end of the day he gets to play/color with however many are left. It seems to be helping. Now we can, after asking once, ask "are you listening?" and he'll usually look at us and say "Yes, I'm listening!".
No clue how we'll handle the lying. And I think the defiance is just normal 3 year old.

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Carrie - that is Riley all the way! He loves his baby sister and hasn't done anything negative toward her but he has sure put us through the ringer with the attitude and defiance! Everyday has been a struggle but it's slowly starting to get better....we talked to our ped about it and she said it's really common for them to punish the parents because they feel so conflicted about the whole situation - the love the baby but don't love the change the baby has brought. She said it usually lasts about 6-12 weeks - we're at week 9 now so I'm hoping for it to come to an end soon!