So scary!

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So scary!

My 3 1/2 year old basically tried to smother Nate. I was making dinner and my back was turned and Nate was on his play mat. Allie had been on the couch watching TV. I turn around and there she was wrapping a blanket around him and pressing it over his face!! I ran over there, ripped the blanket off of him (it had only been a second so he was fine), then I put DD into her room. I only let her out to eat dinner, go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. And then I put her to bed an hour early. She said he was cold and that's why she put the blanket on him. A few days ago, she tried to put this tiny little toy in his mouth because she was pretending to be the dentist. Luckily, I was holding him so I could stop her right away. We talk ALL the time about how we never put anything on the baby's face!!!! I know she is little, but I feel like she should know better. I told her I loved her, but I was really really upset. I wasn't sure how to handle it, because I know she didn't mean to hurt him, but what she did was really dangerous. I never leave them alone in the same room together, but I guess now I can't even turn my back to make dinner!

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My 4yo dd does stuff like this too. Tucking blankets up to the top of Layne's head, yanking blankets he's wrapped in, trying to feed an old bottle to him....It's so scary, and it's hard to make then understand what they're doing is dangerous when they're trying to take care of the baby.

So frustrating.......

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My 4 yo is surprisingly wonderful with Evy. Occasionally, he's not careful when around her and has come close to stepping on her, etc. I'm always scared something like that could happen though.

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Oh good grief! That IS scary. But like the PP's said, it's all too common with a preschooler around trying to "help" (or just being plain clueless). My DD who will be 4 in a few days is generally really good with Violet, but there are times when I think she will surely break one of her bones or knock her on the floor or something. I think even the most well-intentioned kiddos don't realize how fragile babies are, you know? I'm sure they'll give each other some bumps and bruises along the way, no matter how well we watch them! :confused: