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Still Waiting

So you would think going past the 40 week mark with my first two I would be a pro at this. Nope - it sucks just as much this time around as it did the previous others. Anyone else sick of the waiting game?

Had two friends due after me already have their babies.

Keep getting the "You're still pregnant?!" comments

Starting to wonder if I won't be pregnant forever.... Smile

How are all the other mamas who still have yet to have a baby?????

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I'm not yet overdue (3 days until DD), though I certainly feel like I am. I don't possibly see how my belly could get any bigger, and I am sick of the comments. I get asked daily if I am still pregnant. I also have been asked many times if I am carrying twins, which drives me crazy!

Fingers crossed that the remaining April babies really are April babies!

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I'm now 3 days past due.... I get the same comments too. I'm ready for this kid already!

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I'm not overdue anymore, but I definitely feel your pain going 9 days over. It sucked. Big time. But it's worth the wait. Smile Hoping for quick L&D's for you all!!!!

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I went 11 days over with my 3rd, the comments get old quick. Hope you are holding your little one soon.

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Awe. I feel your pain girls! I went over with my first!

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I went 7 days over w. my 2nd, and it was awful! I was eventually induced after having ctx for a straight week that went nowhere. My grandma who lives far away actually called me and asked if I had had the baby and forgot to call her! I was like no grandma I promise to call if I ever have this baby! Lots of labor vibes ot you guys!

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4 days over here. BLEH! I was induced early with my other 2, so this is a totally new experience for me. My SPD has gotten so bad that walking makes me want to scream. This is definitely NOT fun! I caved & scheduled an induction for tomorrow though. I can't afford to take any time off work without the baby being here & I cannot even imagine trying to work 3 back to back 12 hour shifts in my busy ER again, this huge. :eek: Last weekend was bad enough! I was hoping to go on my own, but right now, I'm ok with being induced! I'm looking forward to being able to move without pain again!!!