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Well after my long appt yesterday, it was decided that I am having a scheduled CSection Thursday. I was a wreck in the doctor's office. I am disappointed that I wont have my VBAC. The biggest reason is the baby's size. She is a big girl and I am a small girl. Plus I have been making no progress and my blood pressure was high, which it has never been. I think all of that plus looking at things from my last birth, with a most likely smaller baby, led to the decision. I do trust my dr and she has earned all these awards as best ob/gyn in the area, etc and up to this point she was all for my VBAC. I'm just sad. I hope it wont be a repeat of my last experience. That was an emergency so I am hoping this will be different.

My other worry is that they tried to get me in as soon as possible and that ended up being Thursday at 7pm. They said I can't eat or drink anything past 8:30am...!! That is a loooooong time to not eat or drink for a pregnant woman! Anyone else experience this before and can tell me its not that bad??

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Oh, I'm so sorry it's not working out the way you had hoped. :bigarmhug: I have never had a c/s but my SIL has had 3 scheduled ones and she says she would much rather do that than go through labor. To each their own, I suppose. But that being said, they can't be all bad, right? I'm sure a scheduled one will be MUCH easier than an emergency. It will be very controlled. The bright side is you will be holding your sweet little girl tomorrow night! And our LOs will share a birthday. Wink I hope you can make peace with the decision and have a wonderful experience.

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Sorry about the C/S. :bigarmhug: T&P's for a safe delivery and speedy recovery!

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Kristin, that has to be so hard. I hope you're able to come to terms with it. I am sure that the scheduled section will be much better than an emergency one. I know it's not what you want though. It's great you have a doc you can trust. I hope everything goes well these last hours before you are holding your sweet baby!!!

As for not eating... no help there. I am horrible when I need to fast. Sad

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It sounds like a solid decision, and I'm glad that you can trust your doctor through this. I'm sorry that you won't get your VBAC though. That's difficult to deal with. I pray that all goes well for you!

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I'm sorry you won't get your VBAC, as I know it's what your heart wanted. I'll say a prayer that everything goes smooth sailing.

I desperately did not want a c-section, especially after having 2 successful vaginal births, but ended up with an emergency section. When I heard I needed one, I was crushed, but resolved on the fact that it was best. ((I can honestly say that the during part, for me, was WAY better than my vaginal births b/c there was none of that awful pressure.)) In the end, I still had a happy, healthy baby.

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Oh no I am sorry you wont get your vbac. Whatever it takes to get the baby here safely I guess in the end even tho it sucks. I really hope the c/s is easy on you easier than labor most likely would have been since she is so big. I think that is a very long time to go w.o food or water especially water I assume you are going in early and they are giving you an IV? I will pray that all goes very well for you!!