Update on my appt.

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Update on my appt.

Went back to the dr of Friday to check my BP. It was 136/100 when I got to the dr office. So they sent me to lay down on my side. They checked it again and it was 141/95. The dr decided to put me on meds to help. He also did NST. Well between baby not cooperating and the machine not cooperating I was sent to the hospital to take the test. All is well on that front. I go back twice a week now. I go today with my regular dr and then on Thursday with a different dr. I am worried about that dr because he seems to be a little more proactive than my dr. I hope I dont get sent to have a baby Thurs. Next week would be much better!!

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I am praying that the baby does well and they hold off until you are considered full term. Hang in there!!


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Oh, I am sorry! I sure hope all looks better soon and that you can bake that baby a bit longer! KUP!