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Has anyone ever heard of or used a Woombie?

What do you think of it? I just ordered 2. Nate needs to be swaddled at night to sleep and he is super strong. He always has his hands by his face even though he doesn't sleep well that way. When he is swaddled in blankets, he either busts out of it to get his hands out or squirms so much with his hands that the blanket ends up over his face. Very very scary at night!

So today I went out and bought 4 swaddle me's thinking that will help, but he can still push the blanket over his face! I found this site and it seems like because it zippers, it should keep him from doing that. I shipped it overnight to get it ASAP. I'm going to try to fasten the swaddle me lower on his shoulders for tonight to see if that helps for now.

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I've not used it, but have friends who swear by it. I hope it works for you. Levi hated swaddling, and would squirm until loose. Then he'd sleep just fine.

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Ari needs swaddling too or she startles herself but also doesnt like it at first and does her best to squirm out. I use a swaddle me right now tho and she hasnt broke out yet. Dont kno about woombies tho I will be interested to see if they work!

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Hmmmm. never heard of them, but I'll have to look it up. Right now, we are just using a blanket, but I have perfected the art of swaddling. LOL. I could get the blanket pretty tight with my daughter.....it is when she got older and stronger that we started using a swaddle me instead of a regular blanket. Right now, we are still using the blanket with Matthew but he does seem to fight it more than Ariel did.

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I can't wait to hear how you like it!! We almost got one of these for DS and will definitely have one for our next baby!! KUP on how it works and if it will keep his arms wrapped inside Smile