4 yr old apt

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4 yr old apt

I know this board is pretty slow but anyway-I wanted to share that Alex had his 4 yr old checkup today. He did good. Vision is good, weight is 34lbs, 39 1/4 inches. His one tube finally seems detached. He had to get 3 shots which he did good on, said OUCH really loud but was good. Then we had to do a blooddraw since we have a history in our family of high cholesterol, dh, me (havent had mine checked since hs), mom, dads etc. so theres some new law that requires him to get his checked if we have a history-that didnt go so well...squirmed, kicked, cried. He still took it like a trooper and now just says it hurtss but doesnt want any tylenol. So hes doing fairly well. Very talkative, funny, good kid. Love him!No more shots till hes 11!

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Yay for no more shots! GLad he is doing so well!

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Sounds like the appt went okay. I'm surprised he had to have some shots, I don't think Jacob will get any more until he is 6. And Alex seems like a tall skinny boy. Jacob is a similar weight and is only 36 inches tall.

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Sounds like Alex is doing great! I'm also surprised he had to have shots. We were told at age 5 Aiden would get more shots.