Aiden's 4 year check-up

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Aiden's 4 year check-up

Hi ladies. I don't post on here much anymore, but I do lurk quite a bit. I just thought I would post an update on Aiden. We had his 4-year check-up on Monday the 20th, and he is doing very well. He weighs 37lbs and is in the 50th percentile for weight. His height is 42 inches, and he's in the 90th percentile for that. Mentally, she said he is right on track and ready for preschool. He's lacking a bit in the physical department, though. She said he needs to work on writing with a pen as he can draw shapes, but was not able to draw a stick figure. Overall, though, he's a happy, healthy little boy.

Here is a recent picture of him with our new dog:

Hope everyone is doing well!


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Thanks for posting! I wondered if anyone every logged in here anymore.

Julia is now in Portugal with my parents. They left at midnight. They are going on vacation until March 26th!

I guess we will have to schedule her 4 year appointment when she gets back.

Wow, Aiden looks so big now!!!

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Good to hear! Alex lacks in some areas like that to...Im working w him slowly on it, I want to try to get him caught up a bit before fall preschool since We are only doing the 1 yr. I have tons of workbooks and he plays on his leapster drawing lines, shapes, letters etc, but he still wont copy what I draw. I have seen him draw a pic of me but just circles not stick figures, and he can point out like half the alphabet but not the other half, and same w numbers, so im slowly working w him on it, he gets frustrated easy and wants to quit so its hard...i try to be encouraging...i want to work w him on reading to