Baby update:

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Baby update:

(copied and pasted from my BB)
He is measuring large-- already over a pound and 5 days ahead of his due date... which means nothing to a woman who has gone over with both of her other babies. He is transverse-- his head is on my right, his legs are on my left, and he is a little low. He is VERY active, which I already knew. And he is perfect and healthy in every way and I am just beyond relieved and thankful. I don't think I realize how on edge I get the first 20 weeks until everything comes back normal at that anatomy scan and I'm on a "happy/relief high" for the rest of the day. We got a million and one pix but here are some of my favs.
Alexander Cole:
nose and lips, hands were over eyes:
money shot:

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Sounds like a good appt and baby looks so cute!!

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Sounds like a very good appt! They got some great shots Smile

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Wow, he sounds like an interesting little guy already!
Glad everything checks out!

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Adorable Smile and you're over halfway! yay!

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AWW i love the feet pic-what a clear shot-but im sure since hes laying like Yay for active healthy babies. Glad to hear all is ok. And I hope you wont go over to much w him!