Car seat or booster?

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Car seat or booster?

Alex has just about met his weight limit on our graco carseat-up to 40lbs. I was wondering if we should go w a booster-the ones I find start at a min weight of 30 lbs and Alex is at like 35 so should we get a car seat that goes to 50lbs or just go ahead and get a booster since we'll need one down the road anyway? How many of your LOs are in a booster already?

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M is in this booster:

I bought it because I needed to move Noel into his seat and I like it because you can use the 3pt harness up to 50lbs. He's been in it for a couple months now and it's great.
It's lower to the seat and he can get in easily and easily connect the top clip and one side of the lower clips too.

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I just switched Noah to a booster. He hated the carseat and pretty much cried the whole time he was in it. He loves the booster and looks much more comfortable than he did in the carseat.

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I would go with something like Vicki posted. And I would use the 5 point harness until he is at least 4 years old, 40 pounds, and 40 inches tall.

Z is still in a 5pt harness and will be for much longer. T (5 1/2) still has a 5pt harness in my car and buckles himself in. He loves it. We recently bought him a booster for emergencies and he has used it a few times in dh's car.

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j is still in her carseat, it's a convertible one that goes to booster to 100 lbs. but my states law is they must be in 5pt harness until 4 and 40lbs. she's at 40lbs now, so as we approach her bday we will be converting it to the seat belt booster

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Jacob is still in a carseat but he's only 30lbs fully clothed. I will likely change him over when he outgrows the seat, which will be in a long time.

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Sophie is in this.. it is a 5 point harness to 65 lbs, then changes to a back booster and then a backless booster to 100 lbs, which it will expire by the time she is ever 100lbs. Sophie just hit the 30 lb mark and that is with clothes on mid day with food in her belly. we will use the 5 point harness as long as she can height wise (she is really tall)

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I like what Vicki posted but I would personally keep him in a 5-pt. harness until after his 4th birthday.