Finally UTD on my vaccinations and update

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Finally UTD on my vaccinations and update

Hey ladies
Some of you know and some dont, but most do from Facebook that we lost the baby. So I had a D&C on Tuesday. And I thought that would give me a good opportunity as I didnt realize how far behind I was in the tetanus and whooping cough vaccine-I was due in 2002!! So I was able to get my shot today so we should be back on schedule once we get the all clear in 3 mos to TTC again. It just feels good to know that thats taken care of and that worry will be gone! And its also a good opportunity to focus on DH's health as he has quite high blood pressure...
As for me, Im doing good basically. Physically I feel good and emotionally Im doing pretty good. I came to terms with it back on the 23rd when I orignally saw there was no hb so when we went back for a followup on Monday I wasnt that surprised needless to say. I would rather be positive and know that God took it as there was something wrong and Im not going to be one of those women who get depressed and think what if I did something or things like that, there will always be a spot in my heart for that little bean and we will try again. We just wont plan a summer baby and just let it happen when its meant to.

Alex is doing good. Hes 33lbs and I havent measured his height. He seems to have bad allergies this time of yr but otherwise is doing good. He cracks me up by the things he says or does. He is a little bummed that he didnt go to preschool this yr sometimes but I work with him at home. He amazes me by what he knows. Hes a pretty good kid. He chose to be buzz lightyear for halloween. He goes on his first fieldtrip at daycare next wed to the pumpkin patch. hes stoked.

So anyway-hows everyone else doing?

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Hi Katie - I'm glad to hear that you are doing good. :openarms: I do know how you feel about trying to just know that what happened was in God's plan for whatever reason. I had a M/C before getting pregnant with Miranda and Delaney....and I think, if I didn't have those M/C's, I would have my 2 beautiful girls.

Good to hear Alex is doing well too. I hear you about the things they say...sometimes it's like...where did that come from? lol Hope Jeff gets his BP under control....

Did you put some new pics of Alex in your post? If so...I can't see them....if some. I guess I can just look at your FB too...I am rambling. :eek:

Talk to you soon...

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I haven't really met you, but I am sorry for your loss! I wish you tons of luck and send you prayers in 3 months!
I also wish I would of sent Trevor to prek this year, but he is going next year and I know it is going to go by super fast, so I am enjoying our last year with him to ourselves.

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Oh girl I missed that post. I am so sorry for your loss! I hope things work out in the perfect timing for you guys! big hugs!

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Oh Kate I'm so sorry. I hope it's meant to happen sometime soon.
Alex sounds like he's doing brilliantly, they're clever little sponges at this age aren't they? it's amazing the things they pick up without you even trying. Is he going to preschool next year?

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Katie, I must have missed that on FB. I'm so sorry but I'm glad you have accepted it and can move on.